Thursday, July 7, 2011

(Almost) Two Week Wrap-Up

Since I didn't get a wrap-up written at the beginning of the week, I decided to just write one now, while I'm thinking about it, even if we're not quite to the end of this week.

LAST week was good. We were busy working on the Cradle Roll Sabbath School program for our church, and doing school (we breathed "new life" into the spanish flash cards by agreeing to only go over them for 10 minutes each day. MOST days, I think we get through more in that 10 minutes than we used to in 20, it's like they know there's a definite end, so they're willing to focus), and . . . it seems like we were really busy, but that's all I'm remembering . . .

And then, on Wednesday afternoon, Little Bit got sick. She had a high fever, and just kinda laid there watching tv and nursing, and being miserable, poor baby. . . AND we had planned to leave Thursday to go to my parents' house, and then go with them, to my aunt & uncle's house for the weekend. Instead, I took Little Bit to the doctor on Thursday :o(  As I expected, the "diagnosis" was an unknown virus, just wait it out . . . I LOVE our doctor, she was completely in agreement with me on avoiding tylanol & motrin (though she did mention that if I chose to give Little Bit one of those, Motrin is the better option) even with her fever hovering around 104 F. She said, rather than worrying about a certain number, to watch how Little Bit was acting. As long as she was coherent and responsive, to just give LOTS of fluids (I can't begin to tell you how thankful I was that Little Bit still nurses!!! Made the "lots of fluids" thing a non-issue!).  So, that's what we did. On Friday morning, when Little Bit wasn't any better, Rodney took the big girls and dropped them off at my parents' house so that THEY could go as planned, anyway.  Little Bit's fever finally broke for good on Sunday morning, and by Monday she was back to her normal bouncy self, although she still has some hives that come and go on her legs, and a runny nose.

Meanwhile, while we were spending our days nursing and napping and watching tv, the big girls went to TN with my parents. They stayed at my Aunt & Uncle's house. They had been SOOOO excited to see my aunt & uncle's 30-some year old tortoise, Tort. But when they called me the next day, Sassy said "I don't understand why ANYONE would want a tortoise as a pet, they don't DO anything!" LOL. The girls found the cat, Alley, to be a much more fun pet. The whole reason for this trip was because, for the girls' birthday a couple months ago, my aunt & uncle had promised to take them to see Beauty  & the Beast, live at the Barter Theater. So that's what they did on Sunday. The girls were NOT disappointed, they LOVED the show!! 

Tuesday, Little Bit and I went down to my parents' house to pick the big girls up. I had to laugh, we ended up meeting my parents & the big girls at a restaurant for lunch, and the girls came running up to us and completely ignored me, they were soo excited to see Little Bit. And she was equally excited to see her "Sissies" (she had asked about them MANY times over the long weekend).

Mom & Dad had gotten some sparklers for 4th of July and the big girls had chosen to save some to do when Little Bit was there too, so we did sparklers that night.

Wednesday we all came home. We stopped at a Farmer's Market on the way home and got blueberries. . . 100 lbs (though 20 lbs were for other people) to be exact! Last year we got 60 lbs, and we ran out a month or two ago, so figured we'd better up it to 80lbs this year.

And so, obviously, TODAY has been spent freezing blueberries!!!! We have eaten or frozen about 50 lbs, which leaves another 30 lbs for tomorrow, sigh . . . the girls have been really good about helping though, thankfully! We've got it down to a system :-)  Little Bit is in high heaven with the table covered in blueberries for most of the day (I wash a "table full", lay them on towels on the table to dry, then once they've dried enough to not stick together, we put them all into freezer bags, and put those in the freezer, and then I wash another batch and spread it out to dry), she's been eating her fill! (I'm VERY thankful she's not still in diapers LOL). 

Tomorrow will be more blueberries and getting ready for Sabbath, and that's pretty much our week(s). 

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