Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pittsburgh Trip 2011 - Part 1

In case you wondered why the blog has been quiet lately, we've been getting ready for, and leaving on, and enjoying, a trip to Pittsburgh. Now we're ready to leave, so I thought I'd share some highlights:

We left Sabbath after church and drove to Laurel Lake Camp, our church's summer camp in Pennsylvania. We had the "adventure" of staying in an un-air conditioned cabin, an adventure I would have gladly avoided, even the girls agreed it was miserably hot, though they did enjoy sleeping in bunk beds.

As luck would have it, a friend from our church was there for the night as well, to take her son, who had worked at camp all summer, home the next day. And she had the cabin/room right next to us. Sunday morning while Daddy was busy working, she took us to the nature center, where her son had worked during camp, and he showed the girls all the animals.  They had great fun holding a snake, petting a turtle, feeding bunnies, and petting a small (3 yr old) alligator.

When Luke first asked the girls if they wanted to hold the snake, Sassy immediately said YES!!! MiniMe was more hesitant, she said she wanted Sassy to hold it first. That kind of backfired though, the snake held perfectly still the whole time Sassy held it, and then decided it was time to "explore" when Luke took it from Sassy and gave it to MiniMe. She wasn't too excited that it was checking her out LOL.

While Little Bit and I didn't get to hold a snake (which was perfectly ok!!!) we did get to "pet" one of the snakes. Little Bit thought that was pretty cool. And I'm ok with snakes as long as someone is around to assure me that the particular snake in question won't bite me and isn't poisonous.

Little Bit's favorite part, by far, was the bunnies. Before we went in the bunny pen, Luke had the girls pick plantain leaves to feed the bunnies. Little Bit kept chasing the poor bunnies around the cage making this cute little whistling noise and saying "come HERE bunnies, you need to eat bekfast. come HERE bunnies!" SOOO cute!! And equally cute to hear her tell her Daddy all about it later LOL.  The big girls liked the bunnies too. And learned what albino means when they asked why the white bunnies had red eyes.

I have to say, Luke is a born teacher. It was so obviously that he was loving explaining things to the girls, and showing off "his" animals.

And that was the highlight of our stop at Laurel Lake Camp. Sunday afternoon we headed on to Pittsburgh and new, fun, adventures there. But I'll save that for another post or 3 .

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