Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - July 18 (in which we intro the new school plans)

We began our new school stuff this past week, so, here's a run-down on what the plan is for this year:

Bible - Read through the Bible chronologically, we've been doing this for a few months now, we're currently in Exodus. I read, or let my phone read, 2-3 chapters per day, we discuss any questions the girls have, and then they choose a verse to illustrate and/or write as copywork.

Spanish - We're continuing to use the word-a-day calendar. This is working well to give them some Spanish exposure without overwhelming them.  Each day we say, in Spanish, "Today is Monday, the eighteenth of July", I introduce the word for today, and we then spend 10 minutes going over vocabulary.

History - We're studying American history again this year. I decided to re-use the curriculum we used 3 years ago. It's literature based, heavy on crafts, and most of the books are available from our library.  The first couple months focus on the Native Americans. So this past week we learned about the Seminoles (see the Seminole head dresses they made?).  The books we used for the Seminoles are:
History Pockets - Native Americans
Draw Write Now - Book 3
Night Bird
The Seminole
Seminole Children and Elders Talk Together

For Science this year we will start the year by learning about insects, at Sassy's request, however we didn't start that until yesterday.

Language arts are incorporated into everything else as they read, do copywork, etc. We will continue to use Wordy Qwerty, as time allows to continue building spelling skills, though I believe the best way to be a good speller is to be a voracious reader.

Art is incorporated into Bible, History, and Science.

Math is incorporated into life, though we may do some random worksheets to have something to put into their portfolios, since doubling and halving recipes and such is hard to put in a portfolio.

Music will be incorporated into the history curriculum, and we may do some hymn studies as time allows.

Health/PE/Safety - to a large extent this comes from life. We learn safety because we are a family, and part of parenting is teaching and reinforcing safety. We learn health because healthy living is important to us. We will probably pick back up with Vintage Remedies for Girls as time allows for some of our health.

Add to all of that, the fact that I am, again, on the TOS Crew this year (woo-hoo!!!) so we'll have all kinds of fun things to review as the year progresses, and I'm quite certain we will not be bored LOL.


Cinderella said...

Your children are going to be very well taught!

I came by to say hello, Sweetpeas, and thank you for coming by my blog to visit. Good luck on the giveaway:)

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Yay on being on the Crew again! And my daughter loved Word Querty! I need to remember to have her go back and continue it.