Friday, July 29, 2011

Pittsburgh Trip 2011 - Part 2

I already told you about the Laurel Lake part of our trip, here.

We got to Pittsburgh Sunday evening. Monday we went to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum (warning their site plays obnoxious music. At least it's obnoxious if you're like me & often use the computer while nursing). It was one of our favorite field trips when we were in Pittsburgh last summer, so the girls were excited to go back.

The big girls happily spent most of the day doing crafts and such, which isn't very exciting to take pictures of, so most of my pictures are of Little Bit. She LOVED the water area, pouring water out of things and splashing and such.

There was an area with books to read that Little Bit enjoyed when she needed some down time. The "theme" of the books right now was Dora the Explorer so she was happy as a clam to sit and read Dora books.

The clay was a BIG hit. She spent forever cutting it into tiny bits and then smooshing it all back together. Note to self, find a time to get out the playdough or clay for her at home. Second note to self, do this outside or with a protective covering under her chair, since cutting into tiny bits was her favorite activity, and we don't need tiny bits of playdough and clay ground into our carpet.

 This was one of MY favorites!!! What a great use for "obsolete" black boards!! In the toddler area, they had a big black board on the wall with paint brushes and spill proof "paint cups" of plain water next to it. Great fun to "paint" and NO mess whatsoever!!! Now to go hunting in my parents' garage for our easel so she can "paint" at home. . .

 The big girls' favorite spot. The "recycled sculpture" area. Lots of random recycled stuff (cereal boxes, lids off soda bottles, etc) that people donate, plus various colors of masking tape, popsicle sticks, markers, etc. They made countless "craft projects".
 Little Bit liked the "crafts" area too. This was the "messy" version of painting, but she thought it was pretty fun.

So that was our first day in Pittsburgh. A fun day, finished off with swimming in the hotel pool!

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