Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pittsburgh Trip 2011 - Part 3

 On Wednesday, Rodney was meeting with a treasurer in Erie, PA, so the girls and I took the opportunity to go to the Erie Zoo. We couldn't have "ordered" better weather, it was sunny and in the 70s most of the day (I think the high was 81 degrees), just a great day, especially with as hot as it's been most of the time lately. Little Bit loved the "just my size" chair, and the big girls, not to be out done, had to pose in the 2 person chair.

 This donkey was SOOO friendly, he stayed right next to the fence "talking" to people.

 Little Bit has always liked penguins, and she absolutely loved the penguin statues at the zoo. Not sure why MiniMe was making such a funny face, but figured it was worth adding to show Little Bit hugging the penguin.

 The Erie Zoo had a nice "playground" area as well. The big girls had great fun with a spinning tunnel and other fun things up in a big climbing structure. Little Bit enjoyed a toddler sized slide and climbing structure, as well as riding the chipmunk.
 And then it was naptime . . . I wasn't sure how it would work, Little Bit generally does well napping in the car, or in her swing at home, but we don't use the stroller often, so I wasn't sure how that would work. But after lunch, I put her in the stroller and told her "it's time for nap, you need to close your eyes, and then we just walked for awhile, without stopping to look at animals, and she went right to sleep and took a nice long nap in the stroller.
 While Little Bit was napping, the girls noticed a BUNCH of ants on one section of the path, so they enjoyed watching, observing, and generally torturing the ants for quite awhile.
 The kangaroos were in a walk-through enclosure. They were pretty content to just lay in the shade.
The big girls liked the penguin statues too.

All in all it was a very fun day. The Erie zoo has a bunch of baby animals right now. By far our favorite was the baby gibbon monkey, it was SOOOO cute swinging around trying to keep up with it's mommy & daddy.

Little Bit was very excited to see a Jaguar, since "Baby Jaguar" is one of her favorites on the Nick Jr show, Diego.

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