Thursday, July 7, 2011

One More Thing!

Just because I think they're cute, and will forget later . . .

This evening Little Bit had a small (empty) cereal bowl and she took it over and put it under Daddy's foot. He wondered what she was doing and I had no idea but whatever . . . then, she walked over toward me and said something about "me wash feet" and proceeded to put the bowl under my foot. . . oooooohhhhh . . . last time we were at church (obviously last week, we didn't make it since she was sick), we had communion and foot washing . . . and she was obviously paying attention! She put the bowl under my foot, then used a playsilk to "dry" my foot, then carried the bowl over to a laundry basket and "dumped" the dirty water out, then went to MiniMe's feet . . . it was SOOO cute!!!

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