Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up - April 29

First of all, can I just say, it is WRONG to be having freeze warnings, in this part of the country, at the END OF APRIL!! I loved having a nice, mostly, snow-free winter, and a warm March, but NOT if it means  freeze warnings at the end of April!

Ok, tantrum over . . .

MIniMe is over-the-moon about her piano lessons. She is practicing every day and telling her sisters all about the songs and every other little detail. She got an extra "lesson" during her lesson this week. She heard her teacher's husband playing his french horn in another part of the house, so after her lesson, Pat took her over to where he was and he showed her his french horn, and how it worked and such, she loved it all! :)

Pat also spent some time during her lesson, helping her to match her voice to various notes on the piano, and then mentioned that when we sing songs in Sabbath School (where Pat plays for us), MiniMe could listen to the piano and try to match her singing to the piano (it's a no-brainer that nobody should be trying to match their singing to MY singing, but I figure the toddlers in our class don't know the difference LOL), so whenever MiniMe wasn't preoccupied with helping pass things out and with the kids, she was over near the piano really listening to it while we sang, it was fun to see her so focused :)

We're continuing to read great books about the War of 1812 for history. Right now we're reading a biography on Francis Scott Key. Methinks next time we're in Maryland we're going to have to check out Fort McHenry (which I don't think I've ever been to, despite living in the general vicinity of Maryland since I was 6! How sad is that?).  I was hoping we'd be able to tour the plantation where FSK grew up, but an internet search revealed that while there IS a marker there, the house no longer exists, it was replaced in the 1800s, and it's not open to the public. Oh well . . .

This has been the spring of science reviews, so we're continuing to focus on review items for science, the girls are loving all this science, since it's one of those things we don't always find time for!

Little Bit continues to love her "school" (hopefully tomorrow I can write about her week of "Letter B" fun), and since Daddy was home the day of MiniMe's piano lesson again this week, Sassy got to play "teacher" for a day.

There's a family of geese that lives on the pond right across the driveway from our house. They had 7 goslings a couple weeks ago, and at the beginning of the week I noticed they were down to 6 babies (not surprising, it's part of life, and in addition to our cat, and the various feral cats and strays that take advantage of the cat food on our porch, there are foxes and at least at one point someone had seen a coyote on the property . . . ).  Anyway . . . Wed. morning, Sassy came in from feeding the cats and said she'd seen something in the grass up by the swing, and it was a dead gosling. We assume one of the cats got it, though not sure why that cat, or another cat, didn't eat it. The big girls moved it out of the main play area, since we were having "Moms' Group" here that morning, but did show it to Little Bit. She spent the next couple days telling anyone and everyone about the baby goose that died.

Before the extra cats started joining our "family", our original 2 cats liked to leave us "presents" on the front porch, so the girls would take whatever presents showed up out into the woods and have a "funeral" for each and every one. They haven't had the chance to have any funerals in the last year or so, since either the presents were coming from Socks (who ran away last summer, we still see him at a distance once in awhile), or Moccasin decided we weren't worthy of presents once we let so many other cats hang around, or the other cats eat the presents before we see them, or some combination of all of those), but they felt the gosling needed to have a funeral. My parents stopped through here Wednesday night on their way home from a trip, so my mom got the dubious honor of attending the gosling funeral. Which was nice for me since Little Bit wanted to "help" and Mama going meant I didn't have to LOL.

So we aren't sitting around twiddling our thumbs by any means. 

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