Wednesday, September 12, 2012

B is for Beanbag!

Blogging Through the AlphabetI'm convinced that stuffed animals reproduce all on their own, that's the only way to explain how there are always SOO MANY of them! When Sassy & MiniMe were younger, they really couldn't have cared less about them, and yet still they seemed to multiply faster than rabbits. The nice thing was, since the girls couldn't have cared less about them I regularly weeded out the unloved stuffed animals and kept the menagerie under control.

Fast forward 6 years (give or take) and things are different. The stuffed animals are still reproducing as fast as ever BUT, Little Bit most definitely DOES notice if one goes missing. She considers each and every one her friend, I don't dare get rid of them, sigh . . . then I saw an idea on pinterest, the idea was to make a beanbag & fill it with stuffed animals instead of the normal stuffing stuff. I loved that idea, so I headed to Bed Bath and Beyond. The bad news was, there were exactly TWO choices of empty bean bags to be found (there are more online if you want more variety), and one of those choices was skeletons (NOT my thing, thankyouverymuch), but the other one, while not my first choice, was pink and black and do-able. The good news, since there were only the 2 patterns left, they were clearanced, so instead of paying $12+ for a small beanbag online, I spent $10 for a LARGE beanbag and have instant gratification, woo-hoo!!

So I brought it home and filled it with some of the not currently favorite animals (and some that are "mine" that I use as needed in the toddler class at church). Did some shifting around in the girls' room, and made room for the beanbag full of animals next to the bookcase, ta-da, no more stuffed animals spilling over every surface AND a nice new reading corner for their room.

See how nicely it works!

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Leslie said...

Genius! We have a million too around here and they know they all by name. I LOVE this idea!!