Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekly wrap up September 17

Another busy week. The first few days were extra hectic because, not only were we getting ready for a trip, but MiniMe still wasn't really walking on her foot. Thankfully by Tues she was walking relatively well, and by Wed, the blister had popped and she was fine, whew!! 

Thursday she had her piano lesson and then we headed to Mama and Papa's house. After HORRIFIC traffic, we finally got there. As always, one of the first things is to check on the playhouse. Much to their delight, they discovered a new addition, a TIRE SWING!!!  Last spring Papa had added the arm to put a swing of some sort on but up until now it had just been a rope with a loop in the end to stand in. Still fun, but this is better. Little Bit isn't too sure about it yet, but the big girls are loving it, as long as Sassy doesn't push MiniMe TOO high so that she gets too close to the end posts LOL.

Friday we went to a life size model of the wilderness Sanctuary. The girls would have much preferred a self-guided tour where they could examine things and ask questions at their own pace, and not quite so much "lecturing" much of which was basic enough that they weren't learning much. But it was still interesting to get a better idea of the size (not very big, really) of things. 

And then we get to the reason for this trip, Antietam's 150th anniversary celebration. Today (the 17th) is actually the anniversary of the battle, but the schedule was set up so that the "fun stuff" for kids anyway) was all on the weekend, today they were just having lots of lectures and some guided tours and such. This weekend was wonderful though! The weather couldn't have been more perfect, sunny, breezy, not too hot, wonderful!!! 

The "family tent" was one of our main destinations. It included supplies to make their own commemorative ribbons (crafts are always good!). They also had an activity where you found out information about one member of the 125th Pennsylvania (for the union, they could have chosen a confederate instead but they're all about winning LOL), then answer questions about the 125th Pennsylvania, around the battlefield, and finally come back to the family tent & find out the "fate" of their soldier. I had to laugh when we found out that the soldier that Sassy "was", had broken his jaw. I told her that to be authentic she would need to not talk the rest of the day, but she didn't buy it LOL.

We also went to a living history program where we heard from "Clara Barton" about her experiences at Antietam and during the war in general, and also a free black soldier who was awarded for picking up the flag and carrying it when the color bearer was shot.

Later we heard cannons shooting and the big girls said "cool, let's get closer!!!" and took off. Little Bit said "no, let's go back to Mama & Papa's house!" no matter how many times and how many different ways I tried to explain that the guns weren't going to hurt anybody, they were showing how they worked, she wasn't convinced, and kept saying she hoped sissies were ok, and refusing to go closer. 

The big girls enjoyed seeing the muskets & cannons shot, and then after that, the gunman from one of the cannons did a "kid's artillery demonstration" where he brought the kids up right around the cannon and explained how all the parts worked and such. Great fun!

There were also "camps" set up so the girls spent quite awhile talking to one of the soldiers in the confederate camp asking about all the different things he'd brought with him and anything else they could think of to ask him. 

Both Pennsylvania and Virginia had brought their mobile exhibits as well, the 2 exhibits were very different but both were interesting and added a different perspective on things related to the war. 

So, a busy day but lots of fun, and lots of learning :) 


Kym Thorpe said...

What a great field trip! My boys would have liked the muskets and cannons, I'm sure. Despite living right in the area, we still haven't been to Antietam. I keep meaning to visit, but so far we haven't.

catholic traveller said...

How cool. Wish we had more of those out west, just one or 2 that I'm aware of. Sounds like a great time!