Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weekly wrap up September 10

Sigh, I just realized I never posted a wrap up for last week.

Let's see, what were we doing? Lots of school, the girls are still loving our unit study about knights and nobles. As a result, my 3 yr old is having great fun with the "bow" Sassy made her. A stick with a rubber band tied to it, no arrows required, just pull the rubber band and let go, the whole bow flies. Great fun.

Since we are also learning about the civil war, and have seenvlotsvof national park battlefield films, Little Bit has also decided that the phrase "you're fired" means you were shot. After all, when the guns shoot, fire comes out in those films.

MiniMe was overjoyed to be back at piano lessons!

Mid-week, MiniMe somehow developed a large blister on the bottom of her foot. Her shoes are certainly not new, actually NOW they are, since getting both big girls new shoes was on the "to do list", but that didn't happen until THIS week, and we did significantly LESS walking the few days before the blister than we did when we were in TN and such, plus it appeared overnight, so I'm quite sure it wasn't a "rub" kind of blister. She HAD mentioned that she might have a thorn in her foot the night before and I didn't get a chance to look at it that night (she told me while I was washing dishes and I forgot to ask her about it when I was done), so best guess is that the blister formed to protect the  foot from the thorn BUT the blister meant I couldn't see if there was a thorn, or get it out. When it didn't get better in a couple days (and I couldn't find any useful information online (people either said to let it run it's course OR were sure that your foot was going to fall off ANY SECOND if you didn't get to the doctor instantly, I've found that when you search for ANY ailment online you'll find those 2 opinions, so I ignore those & look for the "middle ground"), so we did  finally go to the doctor, and she confirmed that we should just let it run it's course, but it all meant that Miss MiniMe wasn't doing her normal share of chores and things like going to the grocery store took FOREVER because she was kind of hobbling along after me (or hopping on one foot). But we survived, and the blister has finally dried up and she's walking mostly normally, so all is well.

And that's pretty much our week.

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