Saturday, April 19, 2008

Good thing we like chaos

Because it's definitely chaotic around here LOL. On Tuesday Dad took the co-sleeper (that we've had attached to our bed since the girls were a couple months old) apart and took the pieces (& mattress) home to store/reuse (one piece of plywood off the co-sleeper turned out to be the exact size he needed for the repairs he's doing in the "barn"/shed at their house, gotta love it when things worked out well that way) and took the coffee table out of our living room to store (we have a garage at the rental house that we can store stuff in but I'm leary of how leakproof it is, for storing furniture & such in). Then yesterday Dad brought the trailer down and we loaded up our boxspring (Dad doesn't think the queen boxspring will go out the stairs at the rental house, and because of the room layout, he's going to build us a bedframe that sits over the "bench" that runs the length of one wall, so it will be a better height w/o the boxspring anyway) and the guest room mattress, boxspring, and frame. Then last minute he decided he had room for one piece of the sectional out of the family room (which is moving to my parents' family room) so we pulled the big piece out of the sectional & they took it home too. The girls, and Precious (dog), had a field day finding all the stuff that had fallen under the sofa over the last 5 years (I've found that a sectional w/ attached cushions is horribly impractical because it's impossible to get stuff that drops down into the sofa OR move it to clean under/behind it). Lots of little toys, cheerios, etc. I think the biggest "find" (which, if I'd thought about it, I knew was there) was a beanbag toss target that was behind the sofa. Both girls, but especially L, have been having a blast playing beanbag toss. When they got Daddy in on the action he was throwing abit too hard & tipping it backwards, so he told them to put it against the wall. So now we have a beanbag toss thingy sitting where the one piece of sectional originally was and then one lonely end recliner of the sectional is on the far side of it LOL. It makes for rather interesting family room decor, hee hee. And our bedroom is totally chaotic. I started piling full boxes in one corner, the mattress is now on the floor with the lamps & clock & such on the floor next to it. There are several half-packed boxes in the room, the cedar chest that was at the end of the co-sleeper is now kind of floating in the midst of the room, there's a good sized pile of stuff to freecycle (that hopefully will go this week, I need to get it listed), and 3 trashbags of shoeboxes that I told our church's Adventurer director she can come pick up next time she's over this way.

Anyway . . . chaos is everywhere and we're definitely starting to look like we're moving woo-hoo!!

In other happenings, the weather today was GORGEOUS!!! We had a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon at the playground!

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