Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mommy, you make the worst cakes!!!

Sometime recently the girls were beginning to discuss next year's birthday cakes & I pointed out that, with moving away, I'm not sure if Miss Angie will be able to make their cakes next year. So for whatever reason that came up today in the car. I suggested that maybe I would make their cakes next year to which L informed me "you make the WORST cakes in the world" and reminded me of the time I measured the water wrong & we ended up with chocolate pancakes instead of cake (that would be over a year ago, and yet she claims she can't remember for 5 minutes that I said not to hit the dog?). A thought for a moment & said (with a totally impish look on her face) "Mom can you make me a peapod cake next year? Because I want a frog!" (background on that, we were looking at old pictures & she saw the pictures of her first cake (which is SUPPOSED to be peapod (2 peas in a pod) and insisted that it looks like a frog. (ok, she has a point, it does kinda look like a frog doesn't it? the cupcakes were because the girls hadn't had eggs yet, so we made egg-free cupcakes for them and regular cake for the rest of us (not that we didn't like the egg-free cake, I actually like it better, it's more moist, but it wouldn't hold together for the bigger cake in a weird shape). Anyway . . . I was amused at her "humor" over it all. L, on the other hand, was getting truly upset. We finally decided that we would TRY to make a cake & if it messed up, we'd buy one LOL.

L's current choice of cake for next year is a pig, A's stuck on the frog, not sure if she's serious though, or if it's just the joke about the peapod cake, dragging on.

We shall see, obviously lots of time till their birthday, but I think it was about this time last year that A decided on an armadillo cake and she never changed her mind on that one.

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