Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Works for me Wednesday - Moving to a Smaller House

I suppose technically I won't know if this worked for me until we get moved LOL. As many of you know, we are preparing for a move next month. We're moving from a largish house to a rather small house. While we do have access to a garage storage area at the new house, I'm not overly confident as to how weather tight it is or otherwise how secure it is. I'm fine w/ storing boxes there (& plan to utilize it for that) but I'm not comfortable storing furniture there and my parents have agreed to let us store extra furniture at their house. But that means that just moving everything up there and seeing what will fit where isn't a good option. So, this week we went up to the new house and measured all the rooms, drawing in the weird nooks and such (which I LOVE about the house, but still, makes furniture planning abit more challenging when every wall is a different length LOL) then I came home and used this site to draw in the dimensions of each room, enter the dimensions of my furniture, and thoroughly plan out what furniture will & won't fit where in the new house. Woo-hoo!!

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