Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's Official

On Sunday dh was officially offered, and officially accepted the job. On Tuesday, dh officially STARTED the job! And today dh scheduled the moving van. His employer has it's own moving van, so that simplifies the process LOL. Their first available date was May 13, so May 13 it is. And dh is supposed to talk to them tomorrow about the rental house to figure out the details with that, and assuming it all works out, I'm hoping to go up next week one day & measure stuff to figure out how our furniture will fit (& what of it will fit LOL).

The girls have had some rough patches this week, but I think it's more a reaction to Daddy being gone than it is to the move itself. They're chomping at the bit to pack (& the sorting/packing that I've been doing just doesn't register with them LOL) so today I pulled out the box of empty snowbabies boxes and they helped me pack them all away. They were very excited to help & told me they want to help more. It's challenging because the things they can help me pack are either things that need to wait till later (kitchen dishes, canned food, etc) &/or they're things that I can easily have my mom or somebody pack if they have time (books, out of season clothes ,etc.) so I'm needing to focus on the odds & ends that need to have decisions made as I pack & nobody else can do.

So, that's the news around here. I'm doing so much better now that I have some absolutes to deal with instead of all the unknowns of the last few months. We're continuing to pray for God's guidance in deciding whether to sell or rent this house, considering the current market, but God has led so far and we have faith that He will work this out for us as well, though, if past history is anything to go by, probably in a way that we haven't even thought of yet LOL.

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