Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Moving right along

Just in case you thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth, I'm still here, we've just been kind of busy with packing and such.

  • Monday we went up to the new house and measured out the rooms and such. We also finally got final word that we CAN have our dog in the rental house, so that's good.
  • Yesterday my parents came down for most of the day and helped pack and repair and such. They also took some of the furniture we won't be using up to store at their house. The girls did pretty well with the fact that Mama was packing books instead of playing w/ them all day. They alternated between helping Mama pack books, helping Papa with whatever he was doing, and just doing their own thing.
  • I finally took 3 trashbags full of kid clothes to my neighbor. She has a friend w/ 5 little girls and I'd told her MONTHS ago that I'd give her some of the girls' outgrown clothes, but kept forgetting to actually take them over to her. Also let her know we're moving and she said they'd help keep an eye on the house & such if need be once we move.
  • Talked to neighbor about moving, they're considering moving (locally) and had a market analysis done on their house. Their house is nicer than ours but even taking that into consideration the numbers sound better than what dh had been guesstimating, so that's encouraging. She also pointed out that our HOA might not let us rent our house out, hadn't thought about that, must look into that before we waste time deciding between selling & renting.
  • One of the things Dad did yesterday was take down the co-sleeper that's been next to our bed since the girls were babies. That cleared a lovely chunk of space in one corner of our room where I've been stacking boxes today. Similarly, getting the trashbags of clothes to my neighbor & sending the coffee table to my parents' house cleared up a nice chunk of space in the living room so I can start stacking main floor boxes there too.
  • The master bath is completely packed except for things we need between now & when we move
  • my closet is packed up, there's still some half-packed boxes and such, but I've been 100% through everything and it's DONE.
  • Both my cedar chests have been emptied (& the stuff packed)
I still go back & forth between thinking I'll be done in plenty of time and thinking we won't be packed in time, but I'm feeling better about it all. I would guess that I'll continue to be pretty quiet on the blog until I get moved (or at least until the packing is mostly done), especially since right now I have increased candle orders to handle as well (good from a packing/moving standpoint, but one more thing taking up time).

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