Monday, April 7, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Now that moving is a reality in the near future (dh DID officially get the job, he starts work tomorrow), I'm focusing on using up as much of the food we have in the house as possible so we don't have to move it. So we might have some strange combinations of foods for meals for awhile, but it's all for a good cause LOL. Also, since dh is starting work tomorrow, he won't be home during the week, so that means we can eat things he doesn't like LOL.

Monday Breakfast: Oranges, cereal
Monday Lunch: Sandwiches
Monday Dinner: Garden Supper Casserole (that we didn't end up trying last week)
Tuesday Breakfast: fruit, oatmeal
Tuesday Lunch: leftovers
Tuesday Dinner: Choplets and Squash
Wednesday Breakfast: Rye cereal, fruit, yogurt
Wednesday Lunch: I think this is the day we'll met my parents for lunch, need to confirm it with them.
Wednesday Dinner: Shepherds Pie
Thursday Breakfast: Granola and fruit
Thursday Lunch: Fried Rice
Thursday Dinner: Spaghetti
Friday Breakfast: Oatmeal & fruit
Friday Lunch: Sandwiches
Friday Dinner: Potato Soup (still trying to try this one, something always seems to come up LOL)

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Ann said...

Congrats to your husband on his new job! I'll be praying that your move and transition is smooth.