Sunday, April 27, 2008

This week's wrap-up

First some learning-related things. Yesterday morning as I was helping A choose her clothes for church (or more accurately vetoing the 4th of July t-shirt she wanted to wear to church LOL) we somehow got into a discussion of words that sound the same but mean different things. She started w/ bump (which I'm not sure is technically a homophone?) because it can be a noun or a verb (not the way she described it, but that's what she said, but then as we talked about it, she came up with several more. And I came downstairs from that to hear L telling Daddy how she & A were the same in some ways (insert several examples) and different in other ways (insert several examples, including "we smell different" which just made me giggle somehow LOL).

The girls have also decided we need chickens, and a cow, and dh said they also decided we need a horse, but I didn't hear that part. We went to their friend Annicka's house on Friday & her family got some chickens this spring, so the girls decided they need chickens when WE move to a farmhouse too. Not sure if the cow was because there are cow fields around Annicka's house (though not her's) or just because. I have to admit, much as I'm not a fan of chickens (we had them when I was a kid, dirty smelly, icky creatures!!) w/ the rising price of eggs I've been considering the idea and I THINK I could convince the landlord at the new place to let us have them. But obviously want to get there & settled in before we even consider it LOL. A cow would certainly help with the grocery bill but the schedule commitment is more than I'm willing to take on, we do too many trips & such to have to be home at certain times every day for milking, so they'll be disappointed on that one, though I suspect if it comes up again that pointing out that if we have a cow we can't ever go visit Mama & Papa or go to Sesame Place or Disney World would probably sway them LOL.

This was also a week of injuries. L was playing outside and fell, scraping her knee (which was already scraped from tripping on the sidewalk at the library last week) and elbow and then the next day A was running in the kitchen and managed to fall & hit her head on a rung of the bar stool, and got herself a nice goose egg. I was amused listening to the girls recount their week (& injuries) to Daddy when he got home Thurs night, L included the library fall even though it was the week before, but each of the injuries started with "I was running and . . ." I suggested that maybe this was a sign they should slow down abit LOL.

I finished up candle sales pre-move this week, so spent a good portion of the week on that, still have several candles to make, but at least no new orders coming in so I'm hoping that this week I can get all the candle stuff packed and out of my way.

I also sat down this week (during the girls' kindermusik) and maped out a menu from now till the move, so I'm hoping this week to go through & pack up the pantry & kitchen (except for stuff we'll need) obviously as I pack if I find random things that I'd like to use up I'll adjust the menus to reflect that, but at least I know what I can go ahead & pack away. (now I just need to find time tomorrow to POST the menu for Menu Monday LOL).

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