Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Week of School

We started our new school year this past week. With Daddy home on Monday (Labor Day), Little Bit's check-up on Wed, and Mama & Papa here on Fri, we only managed to fit in 2 days of school this week, but at least it was a start.

In addition to continuing with Polished Cornerstones, we started Prairie Primer. My wonderful hubby was able to find me mp3's of the Little House books, so I don't have to re-read the whole series to the girls, we just listen to that day's chapter(s) and then get on with it.

Chapter 1: We were supposed to make a corncob doll, but I'd forgotten to get corncobs from my parents' cornfields when we were down there before our Indiana trip, so we had them bring corncobs to us this weekend, we'll make the dolls this week. We DID make "crackling cornbread" (using bacobits since we're vegetarian), and begin a book on manners.

Chapter 2: We continued our book on manners, talked about making butter (but didn't have time to actually make it, perhaps this week . . .), and the girls each drew "Jack Frost" according to how Laura describes her mental picture of him.

A has decided she wants to continue with reading through the McGuffy readers, she recently finished the Primer and started on the First Reader, which, we discovered, starts back at the "beginning" rather than continuing on from where the Primer left off, so she's easily reading 2-3 lessons each day as we review easier words and shorter lessons than she was doing at the end of the Primer. L hasn't shown any interest in continuing to read through the old SDA readers, so I'm not pushing it, they get reading practice with their daily Bible reading, reading the verse of the day for Polished Cornerstones, etc. And L generally gets a book or 2 from the library when we go, and reads those.

Instead of using handwriting paper for their copywork, this year I gave them each a spiral notebook and they write each day's copywork in the notebook, yay for not having to remember to holepunch papers & get them in a notebook, and having random papers floating around when we forget!

So all-in-all we had a good start to our new "school year".

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