Saturday, September 26, 2009

Historic Williamsburg

From Historic Williamsburg
My parents & I took the kids to Historic Williamsburg on Wed & Thurs this week. It was the last week of their fall Homeschool Days when homeschoolers can visit Historic Williamsburg at a greatly reduced rate (the 5 of us (Little Bit was free) got in for 2 days for approximately what it would cost for one comparable adult normal-price one day pass). There were also extra demonstrations and such for homeschoolers though we didn't find time to fit much of that in, and quite abit of it is geared for age 8+.

Still, we had a great time & will definitely be back! You can click on the link under Little Bit's picture to see all our pictures.

I was thinking in terms of sweatshirts & BabyLegs not sun hats, so when it ended up hot & sunny we "had" to get straw sunhats for the big girls and a "mob cap" for Little Bit.

Our favorite "trade" tour was the silversmith, the woman in there did an exceptional job of explaining her trade on a level 6 yr olds could understand and found fascinating.

A declared the only "boring" thing to have been the guided tour of the Capital, which was led by a woman with a British (I think) accent that made her abit hard to understand and her lengthy explanations of legal process, etc were WAY over their heads (and while not over my head, much more detail than I cared to know LOL). We ducked out part-way through that tour.

Yesterday we had a less-educational, but still fun day at Busch Gardens. It rained some, but that kept the crowds away & the heat down, making it a perfect day. We also were able to visit a few minutes with our friends Keith & Christine (and kids) AND strictly by accident bumped into a babywearing friend of mine, Kim O, who was there with her family, I hadn't met her youngest yet & she hadn't met Little Bit, so that was a lovely treat.

Today we're heading toward home, perhaps by way of Oxon Hill Farm if the rain continues to hold off.

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