Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What to Do about the Flu!

Partially so I remember, and partially to help out others who might be wondering, while we were at Little Bit's well-baby visit to the doctor today, Dr. F told me her recommendations for dealing with the flu. Notice that she does NOT mention anything about getting a flu shot, have I mentioned I LOVE our doctor!!!!

Throughout the season, make sure to take your daily dose of Vit D3, this dosage varies from person to person, since I'm nursing, my dosage is 8,000 units, A & L's dosage is 1,000 units . . . this should be taken all the time, but is especially important during flu season, which, of course, coincides with the time of year when there is less sunshine.

Also use hand sanitizer and wipe down surfaces as needed. She recommends using benzalonium chloride hand sanitizer rather than ethanol.

At the first sign of flu:

Take extra Vitamin D3 for up to 3 days
Oscillococcinum (you can find this at most grocery stores & such too), she said to carry a tube of this with you and use it if you even THINK you might be getting the flu! BUT she said to take 1/3 dose at a time, so instead of the recommendation of one tube per dose, split each tube into 3 doses
Ferrum Phos, also marketed as Infludoron (though I've only ever found ferrum phos LOL), also available in drops. Take 10 drops or pellets every 2 hours for 2 days, then 4 x per day. Note that Ferrum Phos is also available in 30c dosage, which is a much higher dosage, make sure to adjust the dosage or get the 6x dosage.

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Ann@His Grace To Me said...

Good things to know. Our Ped. did not suggest flu shots for us either when I took the 3yo in for his check up. I'm with you- that's why I like her!