Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's My Blog and I'll Brag if I Want To

We've spent the last 2 days at Historic Williamsburg, it's been hot, but we've had alot of fun. And if you'll indulge me for just a minute I wanted to record a few of the compliments & comments I got about my kids while we were there.

  • The woman working at the silversmith when we went there was AWESOME at explaining her craft even to young kids, A & L were fascinated, as they listened to her and asked questions an older couple who'd come in while we were there commented on how good it is to see young kids so interested and asking intelligent questions.
  • While we were in the Governor's garden, after completing the tour of the Governor's Palace a woman commented to my mom about how well-behaved L & A were during the tour and how interested they'd been in it.
  • Numerous people commented on how cute my children are (didn't hurt any that A & L were wearing their straw hats, either on their heads or pushed back onto their backs (see picture, above) and Little Bit was in the wrap, wearing a mob cap (pictures of that to come once I get pictures off my Dad's camera).
  • As often happens people commented on Little Bit's smile and how happy she is, I've decided that's her God-given mission, at least for this season of her life, to make people happy with her ready-smile :o)
  • Coincidentally, the man who was at the gate of the Governor's Palace when we went for that tour, and conversed with A & L while we waited for that tour to start, was the tour guide when we went on the Randolph House tour. He was a GREAT tour guide, actually remembered that one of the girls' names was L (not sure if he remembered who was who, and intentionally "got it wrong" (he'd pretended to "get it wrong" right after hearing it the day before at the Governor's Palace too, so may have been pretending again) or if he just remembered that one name was "L" and randomly guessed which was which, but even remembering a name was impressive. . . partway through the tour he was talking about what age children would be allowed in the parlor and asked A & L how old they were, when they said 6, he looked surprised and commented that they acted much older, he'd thought they were 8 or 9!
  • We also got several compliments from people on tours with us, about how well-behaved the girls are, and they were VERY GOOD these last 2 days, especially considering how hot it was and how much walking we did! Dad logged over 10,000 steps each day and while he did some walking we didn't, the girls' legs are alot shorter than his.
So all in all, not only did we have a fun time (will write more on that when I have the pictures to go with it), but it was nice to have so many nice comments on my kids :o)

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Ann@His Grace To Me said...

You brag all you want, your efforts as a mom to raise great kids is paying off! Praise the Lord!

I was just telling hubby I need to take the kids on a trip to Williamsburg!