Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Little Bit's Check-Up

We finally had Little Bit's "4 month" checkup today (we had some scheduling conflicts that pushed it till now). She officially weighs 15lb 13oz (just over 50% on the charts) and is 25 inches long (just under 50% percentile). Everything looks good, nothing much to report.

We got the official go-ahead to start solids. The doctor recommended starting with vegetables (though her reason was "so she learns to like vegetables" which I don't buy, since A & L ate EVERYTHING until they were about 4 yrs old and THEN got picky (which, interestingly, is what I did too), but whatever . . . obviously vegetables are a good thing, whether or not they impact future picky eating), and said to drizzle them with extra virgin olive oil (or cook them in olive oil) and to add about 1 Tbsp of blackstrap molasses (though I must say, molasses on vegetables sounds gross to me . . . though as I type that, it occurs to me that "normal" people like the orange vegetables with brown sugar & such on them, so maybe that's what she was talking about, when I hear mollasses on vegetables I think of it on green beans or something, shudder . . . ) anyway . . . that was the appointment. We go back in Nov.

Ps. The picture is of Little Bit wearing the longies I made for her for this winter! Not too shabby for a first attempt huh? LOL.

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