Friday, September 4, 2009

We're Home!!

To read about our trip, in order, scroll down to "Indiana Trip, Day 1", as I explain there, I wrote posts as we went but waited to post all of them until we got home.

We're home now! Yesterday dh was working, helping GPMM get their books set up. I considered taking the girls to Pittsburgh Zoo, but the timing of me having the car didn't coincide well w/ Little Bit's nap-schedule, and I figured the big girls could use a day to just chill anyway, so we hung out at the hotel all morning, the big girls played with their Little Pet Shop toys, and played school and just did their own thing. After eating lunch with dh, we went and hung out at GPMM for the afternoon for a change of scenery & bigger space, teh hotel room was getting abit claustrophobic. After supper the big girls went swimming with Daddy. Someone had left a beach ball at the pool at that hotel so I guess they spent the whole time playing a kind of catch/volleyball game where Daddy threw the ball up in the air & they tried to hit the ball as they jumped into the pool, then swam underwater back to the steps to do it all again.

This morning we took Daddy back to GPMM and then the girls & I went back to the hotel to get packed up & checked out (and the girls got some playtime in there too). Then we went to GPMM and hung out there for a couple more hours while dh finished up what he needed to do there, and then we headed home.

And now we're home, the big girls are in bed, the car is (mostly) unloaded . . . ahhhh!

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