Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Starting Home . . .

We left Indiana this morning and began our journey home . . . but it's not a "direct route" kind of journey LOL.

This morning we drove to Columbus, and spent the rest of the day at COSI. WOW! What an awesome museum! The girls had a BLAST! We were there for probably 4 1/2 hours and could have spent MUCH longer there if it wasn't closing . . . and if we didn't still have a 3 hr drive ahead of us LOL. The big girls learned about space, the ocean, Egypt (hence the camel picture), went down into a tiny 2 man submarine, learned about weather, including seeing how a 100 mph force will shoot a pencil through a board, and touching a cloud. Tried to lift a car using a lever (they weren't quite strong/heavy enough to do it, but I could LOL), L and Daddy were stuck to the wall in a spinning chamber (A was too scared, and Little Bit was too little) . . . the list goes on.

Little Bit mostly rode around in the wrap, but she did get to pretend she was a bird . . . or perhaps she was a snake, since she was trying to eat the eggs?

And played in the water at the water table for abit.

I would LOVE to live close to this museum! What a great resource! But at least we were able to enjoy it today, and I suspect will try to schedule another visit during future Indiana trips if at all possible.

We left at closing time, ate supper, and headed on toward home . . . and tonight we are in Pittsburgh. I think we've succeeded in wearing the kids out this trip, here's how L fell asleep tonight!
And after we moved the book (just because I love pictures of sleeping kids LOL):
A fell right to sleep too (did I mention I love sleeping kids LOL).

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