Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Little Bit of Learning for Little Bit . . .

Little Bit, 22 months
This week I thought I'd share a couple more things that Little Bit is enjoying right now . . .

I mentioned puzzles last week, but they're a FAVORITE right now. The alphabet one, I never would have thought to get out for her this young, but she found it in a stack of puzzles under my dresser (from when we first moved here & the big girls were still learning their alphabet, my how time flies!) and she LOVES it.  It's an older, upper-case only, version of this one. I got it at a yardsale when the big girls were preschoolers. I don't remember them ever using it much, they've never been big puzzle fans, but she likes it. We usually work on it together. Under each letter is a picture of something starting with that letter, so she dumps all the pieces out, then picks one up and I tell her "that goes on the hats" (or whatever). She's starting to remember which ones go where now, so I figure it should give her a head start on sound/letter recognition when she's older. And she's having fun with it.

Blocks are another big hit around here. This is a set of cloth blocks I got at IKEA awhile back. They've been great! In addition to stacking them (sorry the picture's blurry, she moves too much for my poor camera), she's used them to learn colors. She'll bring one block and get on my lap & turn it around and around asking me what each color is. AND there are pictures on some sides that make bigger pictures, so it's a puzzle too, though she's just now starting to realize that. I love that they're soft! If we make it to IKEA again before she's 5, I'll probably get another set or two, so she can do more things with them now that she likes to build.

And that's just a couple of the things that Little Bit has been doing in Tot School this week. You can check out what other Tots are doing here.

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The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

Ooh, I like that puzzle! Isn't is so fun to watch them figure it out?! :)