Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - February 6

This week we had really nasty, messy, no fun to play in ice, ick! And, *pout, pout* it kept Rodney & me from going on our date night (grumble, grumble . . .) Good news is, we rescheduled the babysitter for Valentine's Day, so that's kinda cool.

We made abit of a breakthrough on Spanish this week, part of it was just consistency, when we actually go over the flashcards every day, they remember better. Another possible help . . . one day when we had gone over the last 3 or 4 cards OVER AND OVER and they, especially L, were to point of mumbling "I don't know" and not paying any attention whatsoever, I told them "if you can get through the rest of these cards in the next 5 minutes, we won't watch Speekee today" it worked! They were through them the next time through, woo-hoo! I'll take mastering vocab over watching a program that I think is awesome, but isn't a good fit for my big girls (if Little Bit were 6 mo to a year older, I think she'd eat Speekee up and be fluent in the words they teach in no time, we may revisit it at that point, though if we continue working on Spanish with the big girls, I think she'll get her own version of immersion just by listening to us without really listening).

We also made the decision to change what we're doing for Bible. I don't want to put down the PAC curriculum AT ALL! After I wrote my review, someone from the company e-mailed me (gotta love that personal touch, seriously, I think it's SOO COOL when companies really take to heart our reviews!), and apologized for the curriculum being below the girls' level. Which (a) wasn't their fault AT ALL, *I* stated the grade level when I signed up for the reviews (I had to state a level in general, so I couldn't specifically say "we're at 3rd grade level for Bible, but 1st grade level for spelling and . . .etc), AND the bottom line is, in creating a curriculum, especially a curriculum to be used in schools, they have to assume that some of the children aren't going to have had much, if any, Biblical instruction at home, and therefore, start with the basics. I understand that, I agree with that, it just so happens that it makes it not a good fit for US and that's ok too. . . So anyway . . . now we're going to spend the next month or so digging into The Princess and the Kiss in depth, (using the Life Lessons) I think it will be fun, and a change of pace, and they'll learn more than they would if we just continued through the PAC curriculum. I'd also gotten the Princess and the Kiss coloring book. When I asked the girls if they wanted to color the pictures as we went through the life lessons, A said yes, and L said no. So, I just handed her the coloring book, instead of photocopying it (it does allow reproduction, so I COULD have copied it). THEN L decided she wanted it too. Because the coloring book ends up being a slightly abridged version of the book, I figured it was worth buying a second coloring book so that they could each have a "book" when they're done. So now I need to order a second coloring book for L. A spent most of Sabbath (we were "iced" in) coloring hers, so it will probably be done before we finish the life lessons.

The second volume of The Story of the World on CD finally came in at the library. So as soon as the weather allowed, we picked it up and have started listening to those, and adding some of the things we hear about to our timeline.

A took advantage of icky weather and Little Bit's naptime to work on her potholder some more. She finished the top is now done, her next step is to cut out the back and then sew the 3 layers (top, backing, and batting) together, then she gets to actually quilt it.

L's busily knitting.  Last Sabbath at church, Miss P (mother of Little Bit's friend J) asked L if she would knit a "travel size" blanket for J, since he seems to have adopted their full-size knit/crocheted baby blankets as his "lovey" she wanted a small one to carry around.  Her husband dropped the yarn off this week, so L is now busy knitting her "biggest project EVAR!" Up until now she's only knit washcloths, which she knits on larg(ish) needles with cotton yarn, and only does 20 stitches and not a huge number of rows. This is knit on size 6 needles and the yarn is thinner than the cotton yarn she's used to, so instead of 20 stitches per row, she has 77 stitches, and approximately 100 rows. It should keep her busy for at least a week or two, hee hee.

And that's been our week . . .

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