Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - February 28

I got busy figuring out next year's plans and didn't get a wrap-up written yesterday. Oh well . . . there's not much to tell. I could probably sum it up by saying "we were all sick" and leave it at that, but you know me, I have to say the same thing in a million trillion words. . .

So yes, last Sabbath morning Little Bit woke me up by throwing up . . . by Sunday night the big girls and I had joined her (Rodney joined in Sat. night but he was on a business trip so wasn't home for us to commiserate with). All 4 of us literally laid around all day Sunday. At one point I wished I had the energy to get a camera (and a way to do so without disturbing Little Bit), we were in the family room, L was laying in the glider with her head on the left arm rest, I was in the recliner with Little Bit laying on my lap (with her head on the left arm rest), and A was laying on the sofa, with her head on the left arm rest. It was pretty funny that they all chose to lay the same direction :o) At least it amused me, but I'm easily amused.

So, school was sporatic at best. HUGE amounts of tv were watched, naps were taken by children who don't normally nap . . .and slowly as the week progressed, we all recovered. By Friday we were all well enough to go grocery shopping, then come home and make "not red"velvet healthy cupcakes to take to Friendship Dinner on Sabbath, and we made yummy cream of potato soup for supper. So Friday was a busy day.

Sabbath was a good day. We enjoyed Friendship Dinner (kind of a smallish (though not so small this week) potluck that we plan in groups to make sure there's a dinner for any visitors who want to stay).

And that was pretty much our week. So far this week is stacking up to be better :o)

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