Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Little Bit of Learning for Little Bit . . .

Little Bit is 22 months
I realized that I missed posting a Tot School this past week, so I'm going to post on Sunday instead of Wed.

Here are some tidbits from Little Bit's week . . .

Last week in preparation for the big girls telling children's story at church, we went shopping for small plastic turtles, and discovered they only came (at least at the store we went to) in sets with equal number of turtles and frogs. SO . . . Little Bit was the recipient of all the leftover frogs. We bought 2 "toobs" and each one had the exact same 6 frogs in it, so she immediately set to work matching up the frogs that were the same. This has been a fun game several times this week.

Mama and Papa came to visit last weekend and for one night, they got a hotel room nearby, choosing a hotel with an indoor pool. The big girls got to go spend the night with them there, but since Little Bit still doesn't believe in sleeping at night (she's getting better, but not better enough for the grandparents to take her, and *I* like my own bed thankyouverymuch!) So she & I just went over in the evening for awhile. She loved her "PE class". It took a little while for her to "remember" how to swim with the water wings (she mastered it last Nov. when we were in FL, but that was a long time ago for a 1 yr old!), but she picked it back up, and had a BLAST! She also "mastered" walking when out of the pool, she practiced for awhile carefully walking from the steps to where I was sitting and then back to the steps (and Mama).

 Little Bit LOVES blocks. Our block basket is a combination of some regular natural & painted wood blocks, some tree blocks Papa made for the girls, and some alphabet blocks. I've been really surprised at how well she's able to balance blocks to stack them, even balancing larger blocks on top of the tall skinny ones. When we first started playing with them she'd get upset if they fell over, but after modeling it being ok with her for awhile, now as she goes to set another block on the stack she'll say "tie" (try) and then just shrug it off if it all falls down.

We visited Grandmom on Friday and she has a big basket she keeps toys in. Little Bit took all the toys out and sat IN the basket, then spent I don't know how long playing w/ some smallish (beanie baby size roughly) stuffed animals that make animal sounds if you squeeze them. She repeatedly stacked them all in the basket in front of her (squeezing each one as she did it) then moved them all off the pile & did it all over again (and over and over and over).

Also while we were at Grandmom's Aunt Lynette read stories to Little Bit & A, isn't that a sweet picture? I had to include it. Little Bit is slowly starting to listen to stories instead of just wanting to point out things in the pictures, I think she actually sat there for Aunt Lynette to read the whole book that time.

And that's a Little Bit of what Little Bit did this week . . .

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