Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - February 20

We had a busy week! I've touched on alot of it already in other posts, but it's nice to see it all in one place . . .

My parents were here last weekend. In addition to getting some projects done around here, they got a hotel room for Sun. night and took the big girls with them. They got a hotel with an indoor pool, so I took Little Bit over for awhile that evening so she could swim too. All the girls had a blast.

Monday evening was my date with A for this month. She chose to go to Chipotles again. Last month she'd had a bunch of questions, and then was upset because she couldn't remember them all. So I suggested that this time she write them down as she thought of them, so she did. Most of them were Bible verses she'd read and had questions about, so we basically had a Bible study together for our date. How fun is that? :o)

Tuesday night Rodney & I finally got our date for this month.  It was too icy to go anywhere when we'd originally scheduled it, so we rescheduled it for this week. It was so nice to spend time talking without a million and one interruptions.

Thursday night we had some friends over for supper. Penny & I are in a bookclub together ,and this month it was only going to be the 2 of us, so I suggested that their whole family come over for supper first. Originally we'd planned that after we ate the men would take the big kids out to ice cream and Penny & I would still have our book club with the babies. But Little Bit heard them talking about ice cream and wanted to go too. So we ended up all going out to ice cream. Had a fun evening :o)

Friday we went to Rodney's mom's house. His sister & her husband came over too.

Early Sabbath morning Little Bit woke me up by throwing up, sigh . . . She continued to throw up every little while that morning. Needless to say, she & I stayed home from church.

There was a church social and "Brownie Bake-off" at the church on Sat. night.  Rodney had to work, and I didn't figure Little Bit should go and share her germs. But the big girls were scheduled to be "judges", and had been looking forward to it for weeks. So at church Rodney talked to some friends who agreed to come pick the girls up & take them. They apparently had a wonderful time and came home chattering a mile a minute.

So that was our week. We squeezed in some school here & there too.  We started an online piano program, as well as continuing with the other things we've been doing.

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