Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up - April 21

Each month hubby's office has a "wellness challenge" for employees and spouses, and this month's was to walk and pray for 30 min. So I decided to give it a shot and get up a half-hour early to walk before the girls wake up. An added benefit has been seeing some great "horizons" and, since my phone is my "watch", I've snapped pictures of a few of them, and had to share this one :)

Another fun, busy week! I love spring! It means we spend as much time as possible outside and fit everything else in around it. This week alot of the fun of outside centered around "selling flowers".  MiniMe was the mastermind. She had great fun with all the weed flowers, and the birdbath that the last owners left her (I can't quite see the point of using it as an actual birdbath when there's a stream right behind our house, but the kids are sure having fun with it).

On Wednesday, I watched the neighbor boys in the morning and MiniMe found a willing customer in J. He kept bringing me big handfuls of flowers that he had "bought".  When I commented that the mason jar (that was my "vase") was getting too full, he said "you need to find another jar,because I need to buy more flowers"  such a sweetie!!

The kids also all spent lots of time riding bikes. Sassy commented that this house is "the best house we've lived in, for biking".

On Friday afternoon, it was super windy, so Penny invited us over to fly kites. It was GREAT! Though almost too windy, a couple times one of the kids almost lost a kite LOL.

Little Bit was very excited to have her kite stay up for a LONG time, and have the string all the way out.

J decided he didn't want to fly kites, so Penny found him a pinwheel that both he and Little Bit had great fun with.

The downside of all that fun wind, was that it blew thunderstorms in that kind of messed up bath time on Friday night, but such is life.

The big news in "school" this is week is that we officially FINISHED our study of the Civil War!! It's only been 9 months or so, LOL.  It's been fun, but now we're on to more fun, namely Pioneers and Westward Expansion.

And finally, a couple random pictures that I had to share :)

This was the sight that greeted me when I woke up one morning this week. The window is at the foot of our bed and both Moccasin and Joy (or maybe it was MiLady Underfoot, I can't tell the black cats apart unless I pick them up. Then Joy purrs and MiLady tries to get down LOL) were on the windowsill looking out :)  It's not as good as the time,when it was warmer out, that Moccasin had stayed outside overnight and I woke up to him sitting on the OUTSIDE the windowsill and both black cats on the INSIDE windowsill, but that was when it was still dark out, so the lighting didn't lend itself to pictures :)

And finally: Little Bit is very into dressing up these days, but since her favorite color is yellow, her favorite dress-up dress is Sassy's "Belle" dress :) Think she's a little "ham"? LOL.  And yes, the "Happy Birthday banner" is still up over the front door from the girls' birthdays last month, sigh . . . I never think about it when I have time to get a stool to take it down :)

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