Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up - April 8

After the busy, busy week of the girls' birthdays, this past week was a "quiet" week, but still lots of fun (and lots of time with our awesome neighbors! :)

On Monday we went over to E & J's house to play with them, and some other friends (T & K).  It was  not too cold, and windy, so J asked Penny if they could fly kites. And it was an awesome idea. All the kids had a blast. And the field across the street from our house (and next to E & J's house, is PERFECT for kite flying).

Tuesday was the end of Passover, so Wednesday morning we made bread. And of course, when you have fresh, homemade bread, you have to share with friends, so we invited Penny and the boys to come eat lunch with us :)

Thursday was a VERY  momentous day for Sassy. After piano lesson, we stopped by the violin shop and picked up a rental violin for her to use. She is SOO excited to start violin lesson this week!

Friday Daddy took all 3 girls to Grandmom's where they got to spend time with Grandmom and Aunt Lynette, and go to their favorite Chinese restaurant.

Sabbath we had a potluck lunch at church (as we do every 1st & 3rd Sabbath). Usually the kids all play for awhile after lunch, but this time, something had come up that Penny & Brian needed to leave right after the meal, and it was J's naptime. E was disappointed at not being able to stay and play, so I suggested that we could bring him home when we came. That worked well, and then, of course, once we got home, the kids all decided they needed to play. So E and the girls all played outside all afternoon, and J came and joined in after his nap, then we headed over to Penny & Brian's for supper :)

So that was our week. In between all the extra fun, we managed to squeeze in a good bit of school too. And while I had the house to myself on Friday, I got a good start on sorting/organizing all our books . . . :)

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