Monday, May 20, 2013

Book Review: Hunt for the Devil's Dragon

Last fall we reviewed a couple of Imagination Station books, and the girls really enjoyed them, so when another one came available for review, I requested it as well.

In Hunt for the Devil's Dragon, Beth is conflicted about how to handle a situation at school. She knows the other girls are being too mean to one girl, but she's afraid to stand up for the girl, and have the other girls pick on her too. When she tells Whit about it, he sends Beth and her cousin Patrick on an Imagination Station adventure to 13th century Libya. They make friends with some children there, and go home with them. Upon arriving in their village, they learn that a large beast has been stealing the villagers livestock, and the villagers believe it to be a dragon that lives in a cave nearby. The villagers have decided they must offer a human sacrifice to the dragon to appease it, and one of Beth and Patrick's new friends is chosen.

Beth stands up for her friend, and as a result, both girls are tied up outside the dragon's cave and left there.

The adventure continues as Patrick and the girl's brother work to get help in freeing the girls. In the end, it is discovered that the dragon is not at fault (and of course, the girls are rescued in time).

Beth and Patrick return home confident in the importance of showing courage and standing up for what is right, no matter what.

I was disappointed that this book didn't have the "meet a famous person in history" aspect that the other books had, but it was still a fun story that teaches children the importance of standing up for what's right.

Sassy's said she liked that the story was based on ancient legends (and at the end it gives some information about the various versions of the legend) but she wished it was an audio. I'm guessing, since she loves to read, that she thinks the excitement of them fighting the dragon would have translated well into an audio adventure :)

MiniMe feels like the story wasn't finished, because it doesn't say what happens to the dragon in the end. Being the person she is, that disturbs her greatly, LOL. It doesn't seem to bother Sassy though, so I think it's just a MiniMe quirk :)

This would be an especially good book for a child who's struggling with how to handle bullying at school or similar situations.

Disclaimer: I received a complementary copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received and I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine, and my children's. I'm disclosing this in accordance with FTC requirements.

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