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Book Review: Papa's Pearls

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When I first started researching homeschooling, way back when the twins were toddlers, one of the first books I read was Carschooling by Diane Flynn Keith. It's a book that still lives in my car! So, when I saw we were going to be reviewing a new book by this author, I was intrigued.

 photo papaspearls_zps509cd1df.jpgUnlike Carschooling, Papa's Pearls, isn't a homeschooling book.  It is a book about the author's father, and the wisdom he passed along to his children and grandchildren, in the form of "pearls" of wisdom, short sayings that he said frequently, and modeled in his life.

When I received the information about this review, it indicated that this book was written for adults, but many families have ended up using it as a family read aloud and discussion-starter.

I read the first chapter on my own, to get a feel for it. I was pretty sure the girls would enjoy it, so we added it into our bedtime routine. I read a chapter to them each night.

Because this book wasn't written for children, and, I assume, to keep it as "authentic" to Papa's life as possible, there were a couple places where I "edited" the language as I read it to the girls, because of that, and some of the other concepts, that required some explanations, at least for my children, I wouldn't recommend handing it over to children to read on their own, but it was a great family read aloud.

Many nights, the girls wanted me to read a second chapter, and when I read the last chapter, Sassy immediately said "she should write a sequel!" So, it was a hit. I enjoyed it as well, Papa had great advice, and it made me think, and re-evaluate, and make some changes in my life. It led to some wonderful discussions with my ten-year-olds. We were blessed to have the opportunity to read this book together, and I'd recommend it to everyone!

You can purchase an autographed copy of the book, here, for $21.97.

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Diane Flynn Keith said...

Thank you for reviewing my book, "Papa's Pearls." I so enjoyed learning that your daughter liked the book enough to suggest a sequel. :) I thought you might like to know that I'm having a Papa's Pearls Father's Day Contest. Share a memory about your own father or grandfather and be entered to win a $50 Gift Card to Amazon. Get the details here: Thanks, again! 