Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up - May 26

Another busy week (shocking, I know! LOL). . . 

We've enjoyed watching our ladybug larvae grow, and learning about ladybugs.

For Bible we're learning about the Fruits of the Spirit.

The big girls have been enjoying learning about Davy Crockett, and Joseph Haydn.

With a recital coming up this week, the girls spent lots of time practicing piano and violin.

And we spent lots of time outside. I couldn't resist snapping these pictures of Little Bit and J (neighbor), playing with the wagon. 

J was pulling Little Bit

Then Little Bit jumped out (the wagon WAS stopped, thankfully LOL)

And then Little Bit pulled J
It got HOT this week! And not only do we not have a/c in this house (working on that), but some of the windows don't have screens, so it wasn't the most comfortable week we've ever had. By Wednesday, I just sent the kids out and they spent all morning in the creek LOL.

Another picture I couldn't resist, Little Bit was eating while we watched tv and I guess she got tired . . .I glanced down and she was fast asleep LOL.

On Tuesday, Rodney left to take his mom to Indiana to visit his grandfather. It occurred to me, after he left, that he was gone, it was hot, and this was a week when we didn't have Friendship meal after church, so we didn't HAVE to be here. So, we decided to head down to my parents' for the weekend.

We headed down after music lessons on Thursday.
Friday morning we headed to Arlington House (Robert E Lee's house before the Civil War). We didn't even think about it being Memorial Day weekend, and Arlington Cemetery being extra busy then. We got there, and the cemetery visitor center was CRAWLING with people, sigh . . . but we were there, so we figured we'd at least try it. So we headed up the gazillion and one steps from the parking lot/visitor center, to Arlington House. The girls liked the benches along the way, with 3 seats, so they had to test them out :)

Once we got up to Arlington House, there weren't any crowds. We toured the house, and gardens and the girls earned their Junior Rangers.

Friday afternoon, we went to Wings of Fancy. Little Bit was so excited to go see the butterflies. When we first got there, and saw the butterflies flying everywhere, they all sat down on a bench and said they were sitting there to wait for the butterflies to land on them.

But the butterflies were more interested in flying, than in landing. One DID land, for about 5 seconds, on MiniMe's collarbone, and Sassy said that one landed on her knee, flew around her, and then landed on the other knee.

Little Bit did a LOT of sitting still for surprisingly long times considering she's 4 but whenever butterflies got close to her she got so excited she wiggled all over, so none ever landed on her.

She did manage to put her hand on the rock right next to a butterfly, don't you love her expression :)

Sabbath, we went to Mama and Papa's church. Since Little Bit is 4 now, she went to Kindergarten for the first time (since our church combines Kindergarten (age 4-6) and Primary (age 6-9), and right now Cradle Roll (birth thru 3) is just her and J, we're keeping her there abit longer). She did great, and who doesn't love Sabbath school that serves muffins and fruit :)

Sabbath afternoon we decided to finish up the Harper's Ferry Junior Ranger.  Harper's Ferry has their junior ranger set up in three levels, instead of by age. Awhile back we were there and Sassy and MiniMe earned the first 2 levels, Apprentice and Journeyman, but we ran out of time that day for them to finish the last part, to earn their "Master" Junior Ranger, so we went Sabbath afternoon to do that.

The weather was GORGEOUS, so we sat outside while the girls worked on their books.

Since even after completely all THREE portions of the Junior Ranger, the girls STILL felt like they hadn't really really seen/learned much of anything about John Brown while in Harper's Ferry, we spent a little while in the John Brown museum before it closed, and promised the girls (mainly MiniMe) that we could come back again sometime and just see whatever we want to see without having to worry about the Junior Ranger requirements.

While the big girls were working on their Junior Ranger, Little Bit had great fun jumping off one of the rock walls into the rubber mulch that filled in the outline of the armory (I think, that was the building anyway).

When she got bored with what she convinced Papa to give her piggy back rides :)

And that was our week. Busy and fun! Can't ask more then that :)

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Jen Altman said...

We use to live right down the street from the John Brown House in MD, and were not too far from the foot bridge into Harer's Ferry...loved it there!