Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up for May 6

We are continuing to enjoy as much outside time as possible with the great, if sometimes chilly, spring weather.

In addition to that, here are some highlights from our week.

On Tuesday we had art class. The littles painted with water colors at one table, and we set the bigger kids up at a table in front of an art DVD we are reviewing. It worked great, and everyone had fun :) I am LOVING the versatility of my drop-leaf table and our open floor plan. I can drag it in front of the TV for a project like this, and it folds down out of the way when it's not in use.

I can't wait to tell you about the art video! For that matter, I can't wait for the kids to do the rest of the projects on that video :)

On Thursday we headed out to music lessons, and from there, on down to Mama and Papa's house. While we've seen lots of Mama and Papa with all their help on our house renovation projects, we hadn't been to their house since Christmas, and even longer then that since we were down to see friends, so this has been a trip of catching up with old long-time friends :)  We had hoped to stop at Kim's house on the way down, but some of her kids were sick so we're hoping to see her on our way home.

With all the bike-riding the kids have been doing, it occurred to me that the twins were about Little Bit's age when they got their first bikes. So one of the first things we did when we got to Mama and Papa's was dig one of the twins' old bikes out of the garage and let Little Bit try it out.

She is LOVING it! And the bonus of being the little sister of twins, she can keep one bike here and take one home with her LOL.

Friday we went to see Miss Vicki and her kids. They just moved into a new house, so we got to see the new house. E & K had great fun showing the girls around, and all the girls had fun playing in E & K's fort! Little Bit kept going back and forth between playing with the rest of the girls outside, or playing with Baby L, inside. I wish we lived closer, she ADORES him, it would be fun to see them interact more often :)

Sabbath was my 20 year reunion from high school, and Rodney's 25 year. His class did a LOT more than mine LOL. He had a whole day event, and wasn't home until bedtime. I just went over for part of church to see people. Sassy and MiniMe chose to go to church with Mama and Papa instead, but Little Bit decided to come with me, I think she regretted it LOL, but she did well, standing around while I talked to people.

Sabbath afternoon, the girls, Mama and Papa, and I, went to Shenandoah National Park for their wildflower weekend. The wildflowers weren't out, but we had fun hiking around, and Papa got his passport stamp :)

Little Bit is obviously related to her Uncle Dan, she wanted to climb right out to the edge of all the rocks. Mean Mommy wouldn't let her LOL.

We looked into doing the Junior Ranger, but you had to either buy the book, or print it online (and we hadn't printed it ahead), and it was a pretty involved one, so we decided to wait and print it out at home and do it another time. Then at the other visitor center, I saw that they have "explorer backpacks" that you could rent, and when you rent the backpack, you get the Junior Ranger book with it. So I asked about it. To rent the backpack, full of fun things like binoculars, for a day only costs $2 more than buying the Jr Ranger book, so I think sometime when we're down here we're going to take a day and go do that :)

So, that was our week. Our fun has continued this week, but I'll wait and tell you about that in another post :)

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