Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up - May 19

Ahhh, finally a calmer week :) Don't get me wrong, we've been having a blast with all our busy-ness, but we all need some down time too!

So let's see . . . Sunday was Mother's Day, but Rodney had pulled a muscle or something in his arm and couldn't really even move, so no pampering for me (and honestly, while I appreciate when he and the kids voluntarily do nice things for me, in general, I consider Mother's Day to be abit of a "Hallmark holiday" so no big deal . . . ).  That afternoon our awesome neighbor, not only loaned us his super-duper weed-eater/mower thingy, but mowed a good bit of the back yard with it for us too, since Rodney couldn't! And they stayed to help me rake most of it too!

The rest of the week was school and such as normal. Nice weather, so lots of outside time. One day (Thursday, I think?) even got warm enough for the girls to spend the afternoon in the creek.

The big girls are enjoying listening to the homeschool seminar cds I got this year.

Little Bit, who flat out refused to wear leggings or tights all winter long, has now decided that the one pair of pink tights that I still had in her drawer are "ballerina tights" so now, instead of being nakey whenever we're home, without company, she wears a shirt, those tights, and the "tutu" that was in a batch of freecycle dress-up stuff I got for the twins when they were her size. It's just like a thick tulle belt, but it's been a pretty versatile dress-up item, so it's stayed. I have to admit, it's pretty cute to see her dancing to whatever music happens to be on the tv or our computers in that get-up :)

At music lessons this week the girls found out there's going to be a recital at the end of the month. Sassy is over-the-moon excited about her first recital. And the two of them MIGHT play a duet, though at the moment they're not quite there yet, so we shall see . . .

Friday morning about 15 minutes before we normally start school, Penny stopped by and said they had just chased "the helicopter" and we HAD to go see it too. Background . . . a few times since we moved in, we've seen a helicopter with something hanging down off it, flying around, but staying in the area, going up and down. So that morning, she'd loaded the boys into the car and they'd gone to see if they could get close enough to see what the helicopter was doing. When they got closer, they discovered that the helicopter was actually trimming trees! The thing we'd seen hanging down was a huge chain-saw-like blade, and the helicopter was trimming the trees along the power lines. It WAS very cool!

When we all got back from watching the helicopter, the weather was soo gorgeous, and I knew it was supposed to be rainy this week, so we scrapped school and the kids spent the morning riding bikes and otherwise playing outside.

So that was our week.

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