Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up - July 1

After the excitement of campmeeting, I was ready for a quieter week. . . of course, around here, quiet is

relative. . . LOL.

Sunday Mama and Papa brought Sassy and MiniMe home from campmeeting and we spent the day doing exciting things like unpacking :)

Most of the week was pretty run-of-the mill. We did school, ran errands, caught up on housework . . . fun stuff. It was super duper hot, so we weren't outside much.

For circle time, we started a new unit. It's all about weather, and seasons, and frogs!  :) We're still hoping to find some tadpoles or frog eggs and raise them, but so far all we can find in our creek are minnows. There have to be tadpoles somewhere because we've seen frogs, but I'm thinking they're in the still pools farther down, and I can't figure out a way to get to those, since they're not on our property. We shall see . . . meanwhile we're talking about summer, which is pretty easy, since it's summer LOL.

On Friday, Shady Maples Market (an amish grocery store about an hour away) was having a free petting zoo, and I'm always up for an excuse to go there, so we went :) It was pretty cool, there were Yaks, and Llamas and kangaroos and camels and . . . you get the idea, but all 3 girls declared the goats to be their favorite part LOL. When Penny and E & J got there, Little Bit was so busy petting the goats she didn't even realize they were there at first LOL. I gave the big girls each a quarter for the goat food and they spent forever deciding exactly which goat to feed. I had to laugh, I'd completely forgotten, but when they were itty bitty (like 2 or 3) we had a season pass to a small zoo/petting zoo near where we lived at the time, and even then, they got mad if the bigger animals took the food they were trying to give to a smaller or shyer one. Nothing's changed, except they're more resourceful.  First, they realized that if they tried to hold their own handful of goat food, it would spill, so Sassy carried MiniMe's handful around while MiniMe fed animals, and then they switched. So THEN they figured out and Sassy would "taunt" the bigger, more agressive goat(s) with her handful of food, keeping it out of their reach, to distract them while MiniMe fed the smaller/shyer goat of her choice LOL.  I assume they did the same thing after they switched, but by then, Little Bit was tired of the animals and complained it was too hot under the tent so we'd gone out where there was a breeze.

When we went into the market, I discovered that they already had blueberries, but I wasn't really "set up" to get my normal amount. I didn't have a big cooler with me, and was making at least one stop on the way home, and wasn't sure where I'd put them in this house until I could get them into the freezer, since the basement is SOOO damp, I'd be afraid they'd mildew. So, I only got one (20lb) box (and ended up keeping it in our bedroom, right in front of the window a/c unit until I could get it into the freezer). I do need to get more, but the grocery near where I get milk is only $3 more per box, so think I'll get my other 2 boxes there :)

 Little Bit's excitement was getting to ride in a "truck cart" with J. She asks to ride in one every so often but since I pushed more than my fair share of those and other unwieldy carts when the twins were little, and those were usually the only option for 2 little ones, I refuse to do it now LOL. My "excuse" is that those are for families with more than one little kid :). So, when Penny was pushing a truck cart with J in it, and J said Little Bit could ride with him, she was thrilled!

On our way home, we stopped at the orchard where I get raw honey. They've always had a small glass beehive cross-section thingy in the store by the honey, but now they had a whole little "shed" with a bigger, easier to see cross-section and informative poster and such. It was pretty cool, obviously all 3 girls got into it.  Playing on the swings, seeing MORE goats, and having ice cream rounded out the fun at Weaver's Orchard :)

Sabbath, Jaime Jorge (violinist) was performing for church at a nearby church, so Sassy was thrilled to get to go hear him. He had a concert downtown last winter, and she loved it, but that was before she had started lessons, now she wanted to scrutinize how he holds the bow and all that fun stuff.

So we went to a different church. They didn't have a class for 10 yr olds, so the big girls came with Little Bit and me to Kindergarten-Cradle Roll. I don't normally get to take pictures of my girls in Sabbath School since I lead, so I took the opportunity when all 3 were asked to work together for an object lesson :)

Sassy loved seeing Jaime Jorge just as much as she expected to, and so did the rest of us. Since Little Bit is used to our church, where she can wander around abit, and talk quietly, getting her to not talk AT ALL and stay in her seat (the seating was "theater seats" with no space for her to play on the floor or walk between her sisters and me) was abit of a challenge, but we made it :)

So that was our "quiet" week LOL.

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