Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up - July 7

For circle time we're learning about weather and seasons and frogs, it's a fun unit! This week we began tracking the weather. We hung a green ribbon "vine" on the wall in the school room and on days that we do circle time, whoever adds that day's bead to the bead calendar, also gets to decide what the day's weather is like and we add an appropriately colored leaf to our vine.

The season we're talking about right now is summer, which is pretty easy to talk about since it IS summer! Our summer poem, that we read during circle time is about blowing bubbles, so for art one day we made pipecleaner bubble wands. We've also had popsicles and melon for snacks, since it's summer :)

And perhaps the epitome of summer, on Wednesday we all went to Sesame Place.

Penny and her mom had taken the boys a time or two already this year, when we were busy with campmeeting and such, but this was our first time there this year. Rodney was able to take the day off, so he could follow the big girls around and let them go on the 3 or 4 things that are still fun for them.  As I kind of suspected, Little Bit was mostly happy to just play in the water.

She spent most of the morning there. The boys played with her for awhile, then they headed off to other rides while she happily kept splashing and playing in in this pool.

Finally, with lunch time approaching, she decided she was ready to see what else was there, so we headed around the park. She happily rode the carousel, then we went to find big sisters. They were riding one of those big "swing" things, which she wanted no part in, so while they did that, we went to Elmo's flying fish.

When we got off the flying fish, sissies were waiting for us and all 4 of us headed to a ride that all 3 of them like. By then the big girls (who hadn't had access to my snack-filled bag all morning) were STARVING, so we headed to Taco Bell for lunch. There weren't any "more than 4 people" tables available so all 3 girls crowded together on one side of a booth :)

There had been a 50% chance of rain that day, but it didn't rain all morning, then rained while we were at Taco Bell :) It DID spit a few drops on us off and on during the afternoon, but never enough to matter, since we were at a WATER PARK anyway.

When we got back to Sesame Place, Penny and the boys were just finishing up their picnic lunch, then we headed back into the park. We spent the afternoon riding innertubes around the lazy river, and riding some more rides, and playing in some more pools of water. We even convinced Little Bit to go on the "Rubber Ducky" big waterslide (where up to 6 people sit in a big innertube (with a floor) together) a couple times.

It was practically perfect weather, the crowds were non-existent, we'd hoped that the day before the 4th, would mean anyone not working was travelling, and apparently that along with the threat of rain, worked, for most rides we just had to wait for the ride to come to a stop and we could walk right on!

The only downside, I've got a pretty good farmers' tan, but forgot to take into account that my farmer's tan is for short-sleeved shirts, and my swimsuit is a normal swim suit. So my shoulders and back got burned :( They're still rather tender, sigh . . . but such is life.

I was hoping that I could find some pictures of the big girls at Sesame Place when they were the same age that Little Bit is now, but this blog only goes back to the Oct when they were 4, sigh, so I'll just link to some pictures of them enjoying Sesame Place when they were 5 :) Here, and here.

We actually did NOTHING festive for the 4th. It was music lesson day, and their teacher was available, so we did our normal Thursday routine in the morning. And just kind of hung out in the afternoon. Thursday evening we had planned a "girls' night" for the girls and me, Penny, and our friend, Miss Denise, to all watch Master Chef, only to discover that it wasn't on (or I'm guessing, it was a re-run, which the DVR didn't record because it only records new episodes), sigh. . . we found a renovation show that looked interesting and still enjoyed our evening of tv and chatting :)

So that was pretty much our week.

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