Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up - July 22

There should be a law against being sick in the summertime! Just sayin . . .

So our week started with Little Bit sick. Thankfully, after throwing up Saturday night, she was done with THAT phase. She just slept in really late Sunday morning and was extra "touchy" most of the week, all a person had to do was look at her wrong and she'd burst into a tantrum, sigh . . .

Tuesday we had music lessons, since we'd be gone on Thursday. That morning Sassy woke up saying her throat hurt. By the time we left music lessons she said she wasn't hungry, which was HUGE. They are usually STARVING. TO. DEATH!!!! when they leave music lessons AND since we'd switched to Tuesday, we'd also bumped half an hour later to fit into Miss Pat's schedule, so it was even later than usual. Ideally, when we're out for music lessons I like to cram in the majority of the week's errands BUT with it SOOOO hot! Even with ice chests, I don't want the milk, eggs, and other groceries that I buy DURING the girls' lessons, to sit in the car while we do other errands, so these last couple weeks I've been going home after music lessons, unloading the car, and then we go back out to finish the errands, saving any additional groceries for last. But Tuesday, when we got home Sassy went upstairs and slept the rest of the afternoon, so errands didn't get done.

Wednesday morning Sassy still wasn't feeling good AT ALL.  She never threw up, but from Tues evening until Wed afternoon said she felt like she'd feel better if she did. E & J had gotten a new airplane/teeter-totter that they wanted to show the girls, so I took MiniMe and Little Bit over to see it, while Rodney stayed home with Sassy. Penny said the girls were welcome to stay and play if I needed to go get stuff done at home, so I went home and worked on getting ready for the trip, and ran those errands I'd planned to run Tuesday afternoon. By mid-morning Sassy was starting to talk, so I knew she was feeling better. We decided to go ahead with our plans to leave Thursday, figuring even if she wasn't 100% she'd just be sitting in the car all day Thursday anyway.

Mom and Dad got to our house Wed. evening, and we spent Thursday morning finalizing details for the trip.

My cousin, Dennis was getting married on Saturday near Boston, so we had decided to drive most of the way Thursday, so we could spend Friday at Sturbridge Village. But by Thursday night, with the weather predicted to be equally hot on Friday, we decided it wasn't worth spending the money to go to Sturbridge when it was going to be miserably hot again. Instead we spent some time at Minuteman National Park.

Friday evening was the rehearsal dinner, which we'd been invited to as well. It was at The House of the Seven Gables!! How cool is that!?!?!? AND they had arranged for us to be able to get a discount on tours ahead of the dinner, so we got there in time to tour the house SOOOO cool!! Now Dad and I are plotting ways to build a secret staircase into our house when we do the addition we're hoping to do in a couple of years LOL. Little Bit decided the ship wheel on the grounds was the best part LOL.

The dinner was amazing! I'm used to having pretty limited options at dinners like this because of being vegetarian, and further complicating things by not liking mushrooms. But there weren't ANY mushrooms and SEVERAL vegetarian options. The caterer had been asked to make sure there were vegetarian options but usually that means one thing, this food was amazing!!! Pasta salad a vegetable frittata, roasted asparagus and beets (YUMMY!!!) . . . plus of course regular salad, and bread.

Saturday during the day we headed to Lowell National Park, an old textile mill area. VERY cool! SOO much to see! Little Bit thought it was great fun to pretend to drive the trolley, and THEN we went and rode a REAL trolley!

The trolley took us to the Boott  Museum, that included interactive stuff like carding cotton and hand weaving and such. The girls all LOVED that, and we spent the rest of our time there :)
Clocking in, like the Mill Girls did

Carding cotton

Spinning cotton into thread

Saturday evening was the whole reason for our trip, LOL. Dennis and Emily's wedding.  It was a lovely outdoor wedding. Thankfully, a rain storm came through about an hour before the wedding and cooled things off enough to be bearable. 

Dennis had a few minutes to talk to Grandma while he waited for the rest of the wedding party to make their entrance

So that was our week! 

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