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Schoolhouse Crew Review: Doorposts

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In our homeschooling, we've used various Doorposts products over the years, most notably, in our house full of girls, Polished Cornerstones. I've found it to be a great resource to help my girls mature as Godly young women. When we were given the opportunity to review their BRAND NEW Bible study for young women, I was immediately interested!

 photo BeautyCover_zpsd1ccc789.jpgBeauty in the Heart is an in-depth Bible study about Godly beauty, modesty, and women of the Bible such as Ruth and Esther. The vendor lists this study as being for ages 12+ but also mentions that it can be used with girls from ages 10-12 and up.

Each study teaches different Bible study techniques, giving the student tools they can continue to use for other studies for the rest of their lives.

The paperback version of this study is available for pre-order for $14, or a .pdf version for $10. You can view sample pages here. Also if you're considering this product in the near future, don't miss the special bonus offers if you purchase before August 31. Information is on the product page.

Ashlyn and Lexie are 10, so they are at the very bottom of the suggested age range, but since this fit so well with Polished Cornerstones, we were excited to try it.

The .pdf version was a perfect fit for us, since this book is designed as a "workbook". I printed a copy for each of us, and we've been using this together for our evening Bible study time. We've found that we're moving very slowly through this study because it sparks so many great discussions. Digging so deeply into the verses (the first study uses the inductive Bible Study approach), has been a great springboard for all kinds of conversations and I haven't been willing to squelch that to "stay on schedule". Most nights we work independently on our own "workbooks" but all together in the room, so that if anyone has a question or observation, we can discuss it. Not surprisingly (knowing the girls' personalities), Lexie has gone more quickly through the study than Ashlyn, but, by all being together while working on it, there have been times that she's gone back to add to or change an answer based on questions that Ashlyn asks.  I haven't "graded" or even read, their answers. I feel strongly that Bible study should be personal unless a person chooses to share, and have acted accordingly.

This study has been a stretch for my girls because they are so young, but they're handling it well, enjoying it, anxious to do more. I suspect it will take us a long time to finish it, but that's ok too. It's a great way to dig into the Bible with your tween/teen girl(s)!

A couple considerations: Both girls balked at underlining their Bibles (as is suggested in the first study), so we opted to visit a nearby overstock store that normally carries Bibles, and get them each a new Bible to use for this study. If you don't want to do that, consider how your child will react to this, or if you're comfortable skipping the underlining aspect of the study (which would be easily done, as well).  The vendor indicates that this would work well for ladies Bible studies as well, but, as I've worked through this study with my girls, using my own copy, not just helping them with theirs, I've found the questions to be pretty specifically for tween/teen girls. Some questions, I've skipped, others, I've adapted. It's worked well to do WITH my daughters, but I can see it being awesome for a group of mothers and daughters together, but I don't see it being ideal for a group of adult ladies.

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