Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up - August 11

An interesting week . . .

The summer unit of the preschool curriculum I am loosely following for Little Bit and the boys, is about seasons, and this week we've been talking about "Winter". Ever since this unit started, Sassy and MiniMe have been anxiously waiting for us to get to "winter" because they still remember when I did this with THEM, 6 years ago!

What would a study of winter be without a snowball fight?!?!?! We took the kids outside and after establishing some rules, I gave them each a bowl full of "snowballs", otherwise known as marshmallows!  I had said no being rough, at which point, Sassy and MiniMe asked if they could throw roughly at each other, if they stayed away from the little kids. I added "and don't whine if you get hurt" and agreed to it. But of course, the little kids then wanted to join the "rough" snowball fight, sigh . . . thankfully the little kids didn't get hurt, though MiniMe managed to throw a marshmallow that hit Sassy right in the eye and Sassy claimed hurt for quite awhile. I must admit, being the horrible mother I am, my main reaction was "wouldn't it be funny, if you got a black eye from it, and when people asked what happened you could say "my sister hit me with a marshmallow".  But no black eye appeared. . . The snowball fight ended when the marshmallows turned into gooey blobs and were added to the compost pile.

and of COURSE it would be cruel and unusual punishment to get to PLAY with marshmallows and not EAT any, so after the snowball fight, everyone came in and had smores for snacktime :)

(and somehow I didn't remember to take a single picture of any of that, sigh . . . )

Monday evening a police officer stopped by to let us know that a house on our street had been burglarized that day. Based on what he said, it sounds like it happened while the family was gone during the day. Which means our chaotic life, is an advantage. Even *I* can't predict when we'll be home or not, so someone watching our house would be hard pressed to do so LOL. But still, kind of disconcerting . . .

Wednesday evening my parents got here.

And Thursday we headed to Sesame Place with them. It was "iffy" because of a chance of rain, but other than a few drops of rain while we were in the water anyway, we didn't have any rain.

The rain DID keep OTHER people away though, We calculated that the big girls rode on the "rubber ducky" at least 11 times. It's the tallest waterslide, on which up to 6 people sit in an innertube raft to go down. And on one of the FOUR times I went on it, I counted the stairs going up to the top, and there are 75 (give or take a couple) stairs to get up. Which means the girls went up more stairs on Thursday than there are to get to the top of the Washington Monument! And that's not even counting all the OTHER water slides they went on or the several times they went around the "lazy river". As you can see, by the picture of them inhaling popcorn, all that exercise made them STARVING! LOL.

Little Bit pretty much spent ALL DAY in Ernie's wading pool. When we first got there she went on the spinning teacups with Mama and sissies, but then headed to that pool, until lunchtime.  And was back in that pool, after lunch. She did go on the lazy river with me, but then headed right back to the Ernie pool for the rest of the afternoon. She LOVES "swimming" by walking on her hands in the shallow water. She also discovered it was fun to sit with her back blocking one of the places where water sprays out of the wall, and then jump to the side so the water sprays out and startles people LOL.

The other "ride" she went on was a little "train" thing that has cars that theoretically move around the track by the child pumping a handle in the car back and forth. In reality, little kids con adults, in Little Bit's case, Mama or Papa, into pushing them around the track.  When she was riding it near the end of the day, the big girls decided THEY needed to ride it too.

After confirming that the "rules" didn't put an age limit on it, I told them to go for it (it's NEVER busy, so they weren't taking the "fun" from any little kids).

I had to snap a picture of my TEN year olds, squished into the little cars LOL.  Sassy actually pumped her away around about 1/4 of the track (it's not super long), MiniMe moved 2-3 car lengths and gave up, got out, and pushed her empty car, and Sassy in her car, the rest of the way around.

After a stop at Baja Fresh for supper, we headed home, and pretty much straight to bed.

Friday Rodney took the girls to visit Grandmom. They got to eat at their favorite restaurant, and Sassy played her violin for Grandmom. When Grandmom noticed that Sassy didn't have a stand for her music, she said that Rodney's dad, had one for his trombone, and that, if she can find it, Sassy can use that. So Sassy is very excited about that :)

Sabbath afternoon we headed to Great Valley Nature Center.

We spent probably the first hour in the nature center. Once again, the WONDERFUL staff there let the girls pet most of the animals, that's a chinchilla in the picture. And answering their numerous questions. While we were there E & J (and their parents) got there.

The kids enjoyed wading in the creek, then we headed toward the pond, aren't L & J cute running along together?

When we got to the pond area I sent the big girls off on their own so they could hopefully see some animals that weren't scared away by the noise of littler people. The little ones had fun "leading" each other, and their mommies" along all the paths, and then we headed back to the open grassy area where it was, apparently, great fun to try to catch leaves when the window blew some out of the trees.

It was a lovely afternoon!!!  We wrapped up our day playing outside at home with E (J fell asleep on the drive home) and enjoying Miss Penny's zucchini brownies!

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