Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up - Aug 4

We had a quiet week compared to the last couple, LOL.

I covered most of Sunday in my Boston post. When we got home, we found out that our neighbor, E had been sick and was in the hospital for dehydration.  So, since his mom was staying at the hospital with him, and his dad needed to work on Monday, his little brother, J, came and hung out with us on Monday.

Little Bit was THRILLED to have her friend here all day our first day back :-) So it worked well.

Tuesday was our "try to get back to normal" day with groceries (beyond the bare necessities that I grabbed Sunday evening),

By Wednesday, E was home and back to normal, so he came over to do school with us. J came for a little while but HE wasn't feeling well, so went home soon thereafter. In addition to normal school, the big girls decided to "teach" E and Little Bit to play soccer. They got out their soccer goal net, and the cones and had quite the training camp going out there. Since it meant all 4 kids playing happily without fighting, I was all for it :)

Thursday is normally music lesson day, but last week Miss Pat was out-of-town, so, we did school, and ran a few more errands.  The library's summer reading program is set up such that for every 5 books a kid reads (or for longer books, every 50 pages counts as one book), she gets a token to put in a big "gum ball" machine. Inside are the little plastic capsules filled with stickers, junky little toys, etc. Little Bit had cashed in a couple slips before our trip, but the big girls finally got some of their slips filled out, and turned them in. Sassy turned in 8 slips and MiniMe turned in 4 or 5 (and has more to turn in, that's just all she got done by the time we needed to go to the library). Of Sassy's 8 tokens, 4 of them were coupons for a free ice cream at Chik-fil-a. MiniMe got one ice cream coupon. Little Bit was thrilled with stickers LOL. So, we HAD to stop for ice cream on our way home :)

Friday, the weather was GORGEOUS!! I couldn't bring myself to make everyone come inside for circle time, so we just played outside most of the morning, with the big girls coming in for some school at one point.

Friday night we lit a fire in the fire pit and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, and had corn-on-the-cob and oven roasted potatoes to go with them. YUM!!! What an awesome way to welcome in Shabbat!

Sabbath was a typical, busy Sabbath. Church, lunch at the church, and supper with our neighbors. Nice to be home and into our normal routines, crazy as they sometimes are :)

And my picture of the week (LOL).  Little Bit wanted to mop, and insisted she need BOTH sets of mop shoes (and yes, she also chose her own outfit, why do you ask?):

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