Monday, March 23, 2015

Field Trips Galore: Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

On our last day in Pittsburgh we spent the day at the Children's Museum. It happened to be a free day (note to self, ALWAYS check for such things, and avoid if possible, although, I'm not sure how we'd have scheduled our week differently in this case) so it was definitely the most crowded we've ever seen it, mostly really little kids, since it was a week day. 

As we noticed with the science museum, Little Bit is finally old enough to really enjoy the experience instead of just getting dragged (drug?) along on her sisters' adventures. In this case, though, the older girls are starting to outgrow this museum, so we've reversed things at this museum . . . now the big girls get to tag along on Little Bit's adventures :) 

I think they did enjoy "helping" Little Bit and introducing her to their old favorites :) 

Little Bit really enjoyed the electricity exhibit. All kinds of little switches and lights and things, and then battery packs and wires to hook them all together and close the circuit so the switches, buzzers and lights would work. I told my dad they're all ready to help him with his next wiring project, hee hee.

Another favorite was a temporary exhibit that was just a big inflated tunnel the kids could run through.  I honestly don't understand how it was so exciting, but Little Bit it over, and over, and over . . . 

A long-time favorite is the art studio. All kinds of open-ended art, free for the making! This was the room where it's MUCH more fun when it's not so crowded, Ashlyn didn't even bother painting, she said the paint at all the easels was shades of brown because of so many little kids putting brushes in the wrong colors. Little Bit did make a rather autumn-looking sunset with the shades of brown LOL. And all 3 girls enjoyed the "comic art" part.  I was so tempted to take a picture of a random kid, but refrained. It was soo cute though . . . near the comic art station there was a carpeted area with big floor pillows and picture books. A little kid (probably 3 or 4) was snuggled up on the pillows fast asleep! Soooo sweet :) 

Little Bit and Ashlyn also had fun dropping parachutes and such in the "garage" and Little Bit was pretty fascinated with the optical illusion room that always gives me a headache :) 

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