Monday, March 2, 2015

First Day of March . . . in Pictures . . .

March came in like a lion for sure . . . snow all day long!

Our timeline keeps growing . . .

Moccasin's current favorite spot, a box of paper by the piano . . . 

It amused me to no end that Lexie's new spelling quote today was about March (the book spans multiple years and couldn't have been set up to have it be planned)

 Lunch preparations

Snowy days mean collecting snow for snow ice cream.

MiLady seems to think Rodney's Grace Outlet Sweatshirt is laying on the bed just for her benefit

Cold Sundays are perfect for watching Nascar.

Lexie decided a cold snowy day was a good time to reorganize the spice cabinet.

Time to work on supper . . . 

 Showing off her fun Jamberry nails!

I'm linking up to First Day

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