Monday, March 9, 2015

Wrapping Up the First Week of MarchI

I am officially SICK AND TIRED of winter! Just sayin . . . 

I feel like our entire week was involved in trying to plan around ice storms and snow storms, sigh . . . we fit school in as we could. 

Lexie and Ashlyn are creating a play to teach Little Bit and her friends, and perform together in church next week, so they put a bunch of time into that this week. They were hoping to have their first "rehearsal" on Wed night at Bible study, but the potential icy roads lead to cancelling Bible study that night. Lexie and Little Bit did get the "clay pots" ready (the story is Gideon and his army). By painting paper cups brown. 
I have to admit, Wednesday night, I was starting to think the predictions were, once again, wrong . . . the weather reports seemed to indicate that Wednesday's rain would switch to snow by midnight or so and we'd get lots of snow during the night and a little more on Thursday. But I went to bed to above freezing temperatures, and rain . . . and when the cats woke me up around 3am it was STILL raining . . . I figured we'd gotten most of our precipitation as rain instead of snow and the snow would be a non-event. . . I was WRONG!!! 

It started snowing sometime after the cats woke me up and by morning everything was white again. It continued to snow ALL DAY. It's hard to figure out how much we got, when there was already snow on the ground most places, but considering what I had to shovel and clear off the cars, we got a good 6+ inches. 
After breakfast I suggested that Lexie put a bowl out to catch snow, on the off chance that we'd get enough for snow ice cream.  A few hours later, she brought it back in, not only full, but rounded over! Needless to say, PLENTY for snow ice cream, YUM!
Since Thursday's music lessons had, obviously, not happened due to snow, we did music lessons on Friday. Even so . . . we left for lessons on snow-covered roads, but found the roads clear as soon as we got out on well-traveled roads . . . only to find that the roads were much worse near the music teacher's house. Enough so, that I decided not to risk continuing in on to the farm where we get milk & eggs (about 20 min beyond music lessons, normally I go while the girls have lessons). By the time we left lessons, things had melted quite a bit, despite the super cold temperatures (it was sunny, just really cold), so I did make it to the farm for the week's milk and eggs before heading home.

Little Bit enjoyed having Daddy around more than usual this week (he was fighting a cold AND all the bad roads meant he worked from home more than usual), and took advantage of it to con Daddy into playing dress-up. Isn't he an awesome Daddy to humor her so!!! 
Don't forget to check out my online Jamberry Party. This is the last week it's open. Such a fun way to have pretty spring nails!!! Lexie especially liked having her fingers match her dress so perfectly for church this week :) 

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