Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Finally Wrapping Up Last Week

Whew! All of a sudden life got BUSY! And, just to make life more exciting, just as it got super busy . . . I finally succumbed to the cold that everyone else in my family had the last couple of weeks, sigh . . .

We had agreed to bring a pie to a Sabbath School meeting/supper on Sabbath, and Lexie had found a recipe for French Silk Pie and decided to make that, so I suggested that she make a trial run of it early in the week to make sure it would turn out ok. So she spent the better part of Sunday playing in the kitchen, making pie and it seems like other things too, but I don't remember what. She attempted a whole wheat pie crust, and the recipe was, apparently, not clear on the need to roll pie crust THINLY so that combination made for a not ideal crust, but the pie itself turned out well, and it's easy enough to buy a refrigerated crust, much as it pained her to do so LOL.

I feel like Monday was busy too, but I have zero recollection of what we did . . . how sad is that . . . and my internet connection is running slow so I'm not even going to attempt to download the past week's pictures and see if they jog my memory . . . (if there are some amazing pictures in there you'll get a separate "pictures" post once the internet is behaving better).

 By Tuesday I was coming down with the cold, and desperately needing to NOT be sick, so I took it super easy on Tuesday in hopes of kicking it before it got hold . . . I did manage to keep it LESS though I definitely wasn't feeling great.

Wednesday we had Bible Study group and, more importantly, the girls had plans to teach the little kids the play on Gideon that they had written, so they could all perform it, not only for our Bible study group, but also in church on Sabbath. . .

And so . . . we went to Bible Study. And the kids had a blast, and performed their play to delight us all, so it was well worth it :)

Thursday was music lessons and errands and Lexie had a busy afternoon making the pie for Sabbath, and also doing any other possible ahead-of-time food prep, knowing we'd be gone all day Friday and all day Sabbath. . .

Friday we finally made it to Grandmom's house to celebrate Christmas. She was sick most of the winter, and just as she was feeling better, the kids, and then Rodney, had colds and we didn't want to spread germs.

Sabbath was our truly busy day. The kids performed their play in church. Lexie got abit of a panic when, just before they were supposed to do the play, K & T said they were too nervous to do it. Their grandpa talked them into it, but they decided they didn't want to do costumes, so Lexie went with it.  I video'd it, but haven't downloaded it to see how it turned out, so I may post it at some point if they agree :)

After church was "Jeans Sabbath". We're reviving a ministry of playing games and doing crafts at the girls and boys club downtown, so, since it was raining, we helped with that instead of passing out lunches, etc. downtown like we usually do. L&A enjoyed helping the kids do crafts. The only downside I saw was that it wasn't really an "outreach" for Little Bit, she just played in the gym. So we shall see, I think we'll mostly lean more toward taking things downtown since the big girls enjoy both outreaches and that one also allows Little Bit to feel like she's a part of "helping", but this is another great ministry.

The rain let up and some people were taking lunches downtown after our time at the boys & girls' club, but we couldn't stay for that because we needed to get home in time to go to the Sabbath School Teachers' meeting.

We got home, got Lexie's pie, and headed over. Since Saturday was the pi day of the century (3/14/15), and our host is a math guy, we had a "pi" theme with round pizzas and round pies :) The dads and kids made the pizza while the moms/teachers talked about next quarter's Sabbath School schedule and programs. We had a fun evening visiting and eating yummy food, and I think Ashlyn even snuck in a math lesson from Jeff while I was busy in the teachers' meeting :) As a bonus, one of the teachers mentioned that she has a bunch of props she still needs to make, so next week the girls get to help her paint props and such. My craft-loving kids are thrilled :)

And that's the end of last week . . . so far things have been equally busy this week, but you'll have to wait till next week to hear about that :)  Needless to say, the week was rather light on "school" but since we're well past 180 days, I can stress even less than usual about such things :) Plus, while we may not have had much of our normal school stuff, things like helping kids learn a play, or helping toddlers and preschoolers "make pizza" are all great learning experiences too :)

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