Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wrapping Up the Last Week of February

If February is over, that means spring has to be here soon right? Sure no sign of it around here yet, sigh . . . though a friend said she DID see some little spring flower shoots peaking out a few places where the snow actually melted all the way to the ground.

This week Little Bit started a new curriculum, she hasn't been very into school, and while I'm happy to wait until she's ready, I also want to make sure that it's not just become a "habit" to let school happen around her, because it always has. . .

When I was looking on Schoolhouse Teachers (aff) for some options for the big girls for next year, I found a cute, Charlotte Mason Preschool for Jan-June.

Before we left for my parents' house I asked Little B it about it and she liked the idea, so, once we were back home, we started on the January theme (Snow and Ice . . . .seems appropriate, given how snowy it still is, sigh . . . )

She is LOVING it! The first day we happily went on a nature walk to use all our senses to learn about winter. As a fun added treat, there were deer tracks ALL OVER our back yard! I'd noticed, when I got up to make coffee that morning, that there were 2 trees laying under the big bush in our back yard, but apparently when I wasn't watching they also wandered all over. While we'll be much less thrilled with deer in our yard this summer (but we're hoping that the farmers' fields that surround our land provide plenty of better options for the deer in the summertime.

Little Bit continues to baffle me with her love of writing. So after our nature walk she came in and painstakingly asked me to spell things while she wrote about all 5 senses on our walk.

We're also learning a poem, and she's copying it, a couple lines per day, as copywork, and Lexie's been reading her books about winter/snow each morning.

Even BETTER, on Monday, for school, we made playdough! She was soo excited. Somewhere I have blue glitter, and my plan was to make peppermint scented, uncolored, playdough and add blue glitter to make it somewhat ice & snow-like, but before I found the blue glitter she found pink glitter, so we had pink glitter in our peppermint playdough.  She's LOVING it!

Meanwhile the big girls are continuing with all our normal school stuff, doing more and more of it independently, which is timing out nicely to allow me the time to do school stuff with Little Bit now.

Another day, as I walked by the bathroom window, I saw a deer RIGHT outside the window. I think it was because that one area had actual grass showing. I called the girls to come see and pretty soon a second deer came out from behind the garage and started heading over our way too. Soo cool (since it's not garden season)!

On Wednesday, we spent a fun afternoon sledding with friends. After a solid month or more of snow and freezing and slight thawing and then freezing again, our friend's hill was PERFECT for sledding. The kids went on FOREVER . . . and burned off tons of energy having to hike all the way back up the hill with their sleds.  Little Bit had a run-in with a blackberry bush, but otherwise, it was great fun! Followed by more fun playing inside.  My friend, Amy is a consultant for Jamberry Nails, so while we were there, she let the girls each pick a sample one and do an accent nail. They LOVE them (I have to admit, they're pretty cool! Especially come summer when I can show off pretty toes . . . I'm not fully convinced that they'd stay on my fingernails for long, I tend to pick at nail polish whenever I attempt to put it on my nails). We finished it off with all the kids putting on a play (that Lexie & Ashlyn wrote awhile back, adapted, on the fly, for more kids) not only for us moms, but for our whole Bible study group.

During music lessons on Thursday, Little Bit's school continued with snow-themed pattern blocks. We haven't had those out in awhile, she still enjoys them! And branched out even more during church this week, creating her own designs without a pattern.

We ended our week, with the girls having coughs that kept us from getting to go visit Grandmom on Friday, and kept Lexie home from church on Sabbath. But, considering all the nasty sicknesses I've heard about this winter, we seem to have gotten off easy.

Now if spring would just hurry up and come!!! But after a whole day of snow today, it still seems a ways off, sigh . . .

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