Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cute Kids' book about adoption

Don't know if this is relevant to anyone who reads this blog or not, but when we went to the library earlier this week the book that L chose as her "book on tape" (they each choose one book w/ a tape or cd each time we go & then they listen to those in the car when we're running errands or whatever), was I Love You Like Crazy Cakes. I have to say, I'm glad she chose this one as a book on tape, I was tearing up just listening to it, no way I'd have been able to make it through READING it (and that leads to 1001 questions from 2 four year olds about "are you crying mommy? . . . why? . . . what's wrong? . . ." for 10 minutes straight (ask me how I know LOL)). It's a very sweet book written kind of like a letter from a mom to her child telling about adopting the child from China. Very sweet, gives the basics of adoption without going into the nitty gritty . . . it was just a really sweet little book. So, if any of you have adopted or are planning to adopt, especially an overseas adoption, or know someone who is, this might be a nice book to get, or at least borrow from the library.

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