Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"I Saved the World!"

That's what Lexie just told me, hee hee. We're playing outside (ok, more accurately, they're playing outside, I'm playing on my laptop outside LOL), and there was a plastic bag blowing around in the cul de sac, L asked me if she could pick it up & I said yes, so she got it and put it in the trash, then came and told me "I Saved the world! GodandJesus are proud of me!" it was too cute!! And yes, both girls rather than using God & Jesus interchangeably or always saying God or Jesus, almost always say God & Jesus and run them together so that it's almost one long word.

This weather is AMAZING!!!! It is close to 70 degrees and sunny!!!! I turned the heat off (not that it was running) & opened almost every window in the house. I figured we can use all the fresh air we can get since this "heat wave" can't last long LOL.

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