Sunday, January 6, 2008


We're going to try something new this week. Over time I've collected various (free to download) lapbook "kits" and am intrigued with the concept. I had good intentions of doing one for Christmas, but between the girls being on more of a free-play instead of school kick, and everything else we had going on, it didn't happen. So, after they enjoyed the felting this past week, I was trying to decide what small thing we could at least have available for this coming week if they decided they wanted to do something. And it occurred to me that a relatively "open" week, was the perfect time to try out a lapbook, so I went hunting for one that was age appropriate (I've got some saved on very interesting topics for grades 3-6 and such. Now I just have to keep track of them for another 5 years or so LOL) and something the girls were interested in and such . . . and I came across one about Adam & Eve. Well, as you might be able to guess by the new memory verse, this week's SS lesson is about Adam & Eve. It's simple stuff, tracing letters & such, not real big, so I'm thinking it's a great "introduction" to the concept & we can see what the girls think of it. I'm thinking they'll at least like that it involves scissors & glue LOL. If L's in the right mood, she'll enjoy coloring the picture too. A would much rather draw her own pictures than color a pre-drawn picture, so I'll probably give her the choice of coloring them in nicely or leaving them uncolored (she tends to prefer drawing her own pictures to coloring pre-drawn pictures).

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